Chandler Horton

Director of Day Trading Strategies

Chandler Horton

“Everything negative — pressure, challenges — is all an opportunity for me to rise.” — Kobe Bryant

Who is Chandler?

Chandler was introduced to trading at an early age, his father Jim ran a wealth management company, and his older brother Taylor had started trading at age 16. Following in his brother’s footsteps, and not wanting to settle for something he did not want, Chandler began homeschooling in 7th grade. He eventually realized the college track was not for him and dropped out of High School his sophomore year.

Chandler then worked until he saved enough money to start his own marketing business which inadvertently led to the process of learning about the markets. Chandler first dabbled in trading in 2017; he saw Taylor’s interest in it and started taking interest himself, so he asked his brother to teach him. Chandler’s first trade ever happened with Taylor by his side. This trade showed him what was possible with options when he made $350 in five minutes. Chandler continued learning and was eventually introduced to John Carter’s video on squeezes which inspired him to take classes on trading. One of Chandler’s favorite classes? John’s “Small Account Mastery/Secrets.” Chandler became a full-time trader in 2018, since then he has worked on developing his trading every single day.

Nowadays Chandler focuses on day trading and typically holds all his trades under an hour. He likes day trading because it allows him to wake up fresh everyday with no negative emotions going into his trading day. Chandler only trades options, and his must have tools are mean/moving average, Squeeze Pro, The Cloud, and Point of Control. Chandler’s trading style consists of finding the best stocks in play and taking advantage of breakouts and strong momentum while leveraging weekly options. Chandler puts a lot of hard work into his trading by planning his setups at night and reviewing them in the morning. Chandler’s prep begins 2.5 hours before the market opens, during this time he watches the news, goes through his focus list, and runs through all the squeezes. Chandler’s favorite tickers are GOOGL, AAPL, and SPX.

A good work-to-life balance is extremely important to Chandler, so when he is not trading you can find him playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, watching shows such as Shark Tank and Money Heist, watching sports, reading, and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This balance allows Chandler to maintain mental calmness and patience which he believes are key in trading. Chandler’s mindset towards life and trading is one that breaks mental barriers which he thinks are the biggest obstacles to becoming a successful trader. To Chandler, trading is the ultimate form of self-mastery and fulfillment. He loves trading because there is always room for improvement, and he can get better daily as he strives to become the best version of himself.

If you are looking to get into day trading and mastering set ups that will make you successful in your day-to-day trades, Chandler is your guy. Be ready to have his trading mentality spill over into other areas of your life as he motivates you to not only improve your trades but improve yourself.

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Chandler’s Trading Plan

  • To enjoy a free life, both spiritually and financially.
  • To become the best trader I can possibly be and fulfill my max potential.
  • To teach others this skill in hopes to change their life.
  • I day trade Options – taking advantage of low risk/high reward setups.
  • I trade the best momentum setups each day, I call this “stocks IN PLAY”.
  • Some of my favorite setups are Squeezes and Reversion plays.
  • Discipline myself to only take A+ setups.
  • Work on more patience to maximize winners.
  • Properly manage my risk in each position.
  • Get a little better each day.
  • Find the best setups each day with the highest probability of working based on my system and only focus on those.
  • Buy calls/puts on these setups and capture fast movement and large % gains.
  • I use all time frames to prep my setups – it is a top down approach.
  • When it comes to trading, each day I watch the 1hr/15m/5m/1m mostly.
  • 1m timeframe is my go to for execution, but using slightly bigger timeframes with it such as the 15m gives me both perspectives and helps me make better trading decisions.
  • Squeeze breakout/breakdown
  • Reversion to the mean
  • Breaking News
  • Key level breakout/breakdown
  • Key level dip buy/fades
  • I always enter at INFLECTION points, and for me those are key levels or certain indicators.
  • Key level example: If AAPL breaks major resistance at 150 I will look to enter at that inflection point, once the move is confirmed on the tape.
  • Indicator example: If AAPL breaks 4hr cloud top, or AAPL breaks VWAP intraday, I will look to enter.
  • I either accept ZERO on the trade, meaning I am okay letting it go to $0 and having the option contract either work over time or expire worthless.
  • My other method is having a hard technical stop on quicker plays. If I am playing a $150 break, once it fails and trades below price, I will exit.
  • I “manage my account” at every key level, which means I either take full profit, trim some of the positions to pay for the trade, or just simply hold and get ready to take action depending on what happens at the level.
  • As targets are reached, I continuously take profit until I leave a final layer to run as much as possible.
  • Never invest more than you can lose.
  • Accept ZERO on all/most trades.
  • Find the dollar amount you are comfortable trading, and slowly increase that number once consistent – Use that position size on each trade. Example: If you have a $10k account, you might be comfortable with taking $500 trades. Slowly push that number higher once you are consistent.
  • Meditate/Visualize
  • Check news
  • Scan for squeezes
  • Check entire focus list and pre-market action
  • Build final focus list
  • Rest/Recover
  • Review trades and actions taken
  • Prep for next day
  • ThinkOrSwim
  • TraderVue
  • FlowAlgo
  • TweetDeck
  • I like the tool TraderVue to track/review trades.
  • Break down each trade and find that AREA FOR IMPROVEMENT.
  • Win or lose there is always a LESSON in each trade.
  • Give each trade a grade and start to note which setups are your best, and dial in on those and eliminate the losing setups.
  • Audiobooks: Mastering the Trade, Daily Trading Coach, Trading in the Zone.
  • YouTube: SMB Capital
  • Everything in life (including trading) is EARNED – Do not expect results without hard, daily, consistent work.
  • Trading is just a probability game, so run the numbers.
  • If you manage your risk, there is nothing to fear.
  • Trading is a business, so treat it like one… Have systems, rules, etc in place.
  • Trading is the hardest game on Earth, so just chill, relax, smile, and have fun.
  • Never invest more than you can lose.
  • Never put yourself in a position to blow up with just one trade.
  • Accept Zero and never lie to yourself about RISK.
  • One Good Trade after One Good Trade.

Trading Platforms Used by Chandler:

Chandler’s Must Read Books:

Maximum Achievement

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The Playbook

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Think and Grow Rich

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3rd Edition: Mastering the Trade

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