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Here at Simpler Trading, we’re a family! We are constantly finding new ways to engage and satisfy our customers. As a community-based business we strive for excellence and connection with everyone that comes into our space.


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Simpler Trading Services:

Trading Room Memberships
Actionable, Real-Time Trade Alerts: Follow along with our traders as they execute real trades. They’ll alert you to when they enter and exit a trade directly to your smartphone.

Live Screen Share: Watch our experts as they trade live from market open to close. See their chart setups, what strategies they’re using, and ask them questions in real-time.

Market Education: Not only do our traders breakdown market conditions as they’re trading, but we release daily videos focusing on specific market moves and what to look forward to the following day.

Professional Community: With thousands of members across our trading room memberships, you get access to a large community of active traders to share ideas with. Our traders have a combined trading experience of 100+ years.



Trading Courses
Instant Streaming: All of our classes are available for online streaming and can be accessed any time, anywhere. We break our class recordings up into interactive modules with quizzes as well. Additionally, with our live classes, you can participate and ask questions.

Trading Strategies: Each class is focused on specific trading strategies that help our traders profit no matter what the market may be doing.

Trading Tools
On-Call Support: Included with every Simpler tool and indicator, is our fantastic customer support team. They’re ready to answer your questions and help you personally install your tools directly into your platform. They can be reached by either phone or email.

Proprietary: As our traders personally develop almost every Simpler indicator on their charts, Simpler Trading is the only place you can find our tools. Plus, once you’ve purchased a tool from us, it’s yours… for life (even if you choose not to continue with us).

Diving In

After graduating from the University of Texas with degrees in Economics and History, John F. Carter went to work as a corporate financial analyst. But his personality was more suited to wrangling snakes—and unpredictable options trades—than shuffling day-to-day office paperwork. He’d grown up on his grandfather’s farm in Nebraska, and he missed the wide open skies and daily connection with the natural world.

In 1999, while living in La Jolla, California with his wife (his children hadn’t been born yet), John registered Simpler Trading as his first business. Not only was he shifting from a dependable salary to an income from trading, but he was active in the online forums full of people who shared his obsession with the account growth potential he saw in charts and options spreads. His involvement in trading communities put him into regular contact with traders such as Mark Douglas, Carolyn Boroden, Eric Purdy, Bruce Marshall, Raghee Horner, David Starr, Ross Givens, and many others who mutually respected each other’s work.

Like many successful traders, John increased his independence by demonstrating his tried-and-true strategies, trading live in front of an invited audience. As John helped aspiring traders win their independence, he understood that a greater educational niche wanted to be filled. He had gone through years of trial-and-error in order to teach himself. What if he could offer mentorship, not just from himself, but also from many successful traders with different methodologies? He knew quite a few people who were interested.


Simpler Trading Registered While living in La Jolla, CA with his wife, John Carter registered Simpler Trading as his first business.


Met Henry Gambell Henry Gambell was John’s young protégé whom he hired away from the Best Buy Geek Squad and is now Vice President of Simpler Trading.


$1.4 Million TSLA Trade John made headlines in financial news by earning $1.4 million on an overnight trade, which attracted new clients to become members of Simpler Trading.


Site Overhaul One of the biggest challenges Simpler Trading faced around 2015 was a mess of outdated websites and difficult-to-use interfaces. So we began the process of making what it is today!

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