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The Simpler Trading Team is unlike any other. While most other services offer ‘hypothetical’ trades and theories, we share our actual trading ideas in real-time. Like you, we have our own money on the line. Because we provide instant trade alerts, you can watch on a smartphone or tablet for trade setups, even if you work full-time.

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Our goal is to help you trade confidently by reducing your tuition to the market. The markets are challenging and they are constantly throwing curveballs, some of which will bean us right in the face. That’s why we trade together. So we can share what’s working for us in real-time and our collective experience as a group can give us what all traders need to succeed: A proven EDGE.

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We know not everyone can watch the market during the day. Many just want to follow our trades in real-time so we offer instant alert services so you can follow the action from wherever you are with a smartphone or tablet.

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We’re a community of dedicated traders with 100+ years of combined market experience. Each of us was hand-picked by John F. Carter, who is a 7-figure trader and the best selling author of Mastering the Trade.

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Getting Started with Micro E-mini Futures

By Jack Roberts | October 22, 2021

Since coming out in 2019, it seems like a new Micro E-mini futures contract is added to the CBOE every month. It started with the main indices, but now we have crypto, crude, aussie/dollar etc. My prayers have been answered! But now I wonder what will be added next – coffee & corn Micro E-mini? … Read more

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Strategies for Trading Credit Spreads

By Taylor Horton | October 15, 2021

My trading changed for the better when I committed to making option credit spreads my primary focus. Though they can be complicated on the surface, trading credit spreads can be a consistent and low-stress way of seeing trading results. After years of struggling with other strategies, learning how to sell options allowed me to carve … Read more

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Tether Trading – The Achilles Heel of Crypto

By Sam Shames | October 8, 2021

This is the third and likely final installment in the Tether series of blogs. We now have enough information to guess how this happens. We have covered Tether and its risks in  previous blogs . My first article was about tether and its hidden risk. A month later I revisited the risk discussion and how … Read more

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Winter Is Already Here…But Commodities Are Heating Up

By Jack Roberts | October 1, 2021

Did the markets just go ice-cold? My YETI Tumbler says yes, but my overpriced khaki cooler says it’s temporary. In my view, both are right. I’m certainly not in the crowd that thinks this downtrend is permanent, but it may just be a winter-break coming early. And I for one am looking at opportunities in … Read more

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Energy Sector Trends — Top Oil Stocks to Watch

By Mary Ellen McGonagle | September 16, 2021

Energy stocks are regaining their momentum from earlier in the year with the daily chart of the sector showing a reversal of its recent downtrend. As you can see, XLE broke back above its 50-day moving average mid-September and is now poised to trade, and trend, higher.  DAILY CHART OF ENERGY SECTOR (XLE) Oil Prices … Read more

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