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Live Trading Rooms

There’s nothing quite like being a trader, and because this is such a unique business, we created our Live Trading Rooms. Within these rooms, you can find our Simpler team trading their own money in their own accounts while interacting with members. Each room is dedicated to a different type of trading style: from options to futures to day trading and more.

Live Trading Chatroom

Sessions allow you to see strategies in action and receive additional market analysis directly while interacting with other members.

Trade Alerts

The market waits for no one. You’ll be sent trade alerts directly to your smartphone device whenever a trade is opened or closed.

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Every weeknight we deliver to your inbox our premium newsletter that consists of trader videos, market insights, and more.

Weekly Watchlist

Get a bird’s eye view of what the Simpler team has their eyes on for the upcoming week in the market. 


Find setups on an intraday and swing trade basis, utilizing strategies refined over the course of more than 25 years. You’ll get to trade with John Carter, Henry Gambell, Danielle Shay, and Sam Shames. 


The Futures Team breaks down the mass amounts of information into easy-to-understand strategies to help members find setups, even in the chaos. You’ll get to trade with Raghee Horner, David Starr, Neil Yeager, and Joe Rokop.


The goal of this service is to create a mix of options positions that can generate income in any market environment with consistent, low-risk returns.


The Fibonacci method of analysis teaches traders how to use triggers based on support and resistance derived from the Fibonacci number series to define market entries and exits.

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