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What Is The Difference Between EMA and SMA

By Simpler Trading Team | August 1, 2022

What Is The Difference Between EMA and SMA Moving Averages are technical indicators used by most traders. They are commonly referred to as just moving averages; however, there’s more than one type. Moving averages consist of either a Simple Moving Average (SMA), or an Exponential Moving Average(EMA). In this article, we are going to discuss the … Read more

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What Is The Volatility Index

By Simpler Trading Team | July 26, 2022

Why Traders Embrace the VIX Exactly what is the volatility index and why does it matter? Anything can happen when trading in a volatile market, and traders who have never experienced market volatility may learn that lesson the hard way. Traders who do not have an edge in volatile markets or understand how to limit … Read more

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How To Start Investing In The Stock Market p. 2

By Simpler Trading Team | July 19, 2022

Learning how to invest in the stock market can be a significant step towards financial literacy. However, you may be asking yourself, where do I even begin? This is an important first question. You may already understand that trading and investing pose potentially significant risks.  This thought may be daunting enough to prevent would-be traders or … Read more

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Option Greeks Explained

By Simpler Trading Team | July 18, 2022

Delta, Vega, Theta, and Gama – No…Those aren’t the names of a trading fraternity. These streaming numbers on your options chart aren’t random; they are important symbols known as the Greeks. These formulas are essential to all option traders, whether they realize it or not. “The Greek alphabet measures an option contracts price, time, and implied volatility.” … Read more

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Understanding Market Signals

By Sam Shames | July 15, 2022

Trading is exciting and not without risk – especially in markets that can change on a dime. Traders are responsible for researching the markets and analyzing charts before determining which setup to use. Using analytics, traders scout numerous stocks for key market signals. Regardless of which strategy a trader uses, the risk threshold, or the … Read more

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