Neil Yeager

About Neil Yeager

Neil graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Finance & Accounting. He has been a full time Futures and Options trader for about 12 years now. He frequently presents on, advising visitors on various intra-day and short term portfolio management techniques. He is also a fund manager and WorldCup Trading Advisor.

At Simpler Trading, Neil presents solid and invaluable trading analysis and education on a daily basis in our live trading room and is a fantastic mentor in our Private Mentorship Program. His years of experience and vast knowledge of John Carter’s trading methodology makes him a perfect host to help new traders find their way, and advanced traders hone their day trading skills. His clear and concise approach allows traders of all levels to follow along as he calls out trades.

Specialties: Futures, Futures Options, Currencies, Risk Management, and Technical Analysis

  • Planning A Trading Computer

    Planning A Trading Computer

    Building your own isn’t for everyone and you may even be able to get a computer for less money buying it as a complete bundle. But even if you’re having someone else build your computer for you, a discussion of what components to use and how to select them might be useful.
  • What Time Is It?

    What Time Is It?

    The point is to block out the noise and focus on your bread and butter. What type trading do you enjoy? What type trading are you profitable and consistent with? Once you sit back and can focus on which type trading you really want to use, you can gain clarity and relieve some stress of trying to figure trades for every time frame.
  • Simpler Sentiment - Weekly Wrap Up 10/21/16

    Simpler Sentiment - Weekly Wrap Up 10/21/16

    The VIX has fallen considerably on the week, pushing down from a high around 17 on Monday to 13.33 now, its lowest in two weeks. The VXST, the 9 day Voalitlity Index, is all the way down at 10.65, on pace for its lowest since September 7. The VIX closely follows the actual volatility of the SPX, which is down below 9 percent.