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Neil Yeager

“Your number 1 job is to allow yourself the opportunity to be here again tomorrow, so mind your risk today.”

Who is Neil?

Neil is our intraday futures, currencies, and commodities trading expert and statistician. He has a wealth of knowledge about the markets. His combination of market profiling, Japanese candlesticks, and statistical data he pulls from personal studies he conducts on the /ES will improve your knowledge of the markets immensely. He is methodical and conservative in his entries and has excellent risk to reward ratios on his trades. Neil’s strategies are strengthened by statistical modeling and backtests. If you’re trading futures, you can’t miss Neil’s daily analysis in the Futures Gold Room. Even if you don’t trade futures, his statistical approach to market analysis is sure to improve your trading.

Keep in mind that the trend is your friend. So start by asking what does the market look like it is doing, and how is it doing in accomplishing that. A product that is trending in an easier manner is the one that we want to be involved in. Try to avoid the choppy markets unless intentionally employing an associated options strategy. In joining a trend, try to utilize a retracement to the mean approach with a specific setup criteria that allows for the ability to predetermine the required risk for participation. Measure that risk against the desired objective, and with an acceptable R factor, then we have a trade. This very next trade has only one of two potential outcomes. It is either a win or a loss, so log it, track the metrics, and move on to the next. The trade setups that provide a positive expectancy are the keepers. Negative expectancy setups are set aside to be revisited at a later date as market conditions eventually change.

Since graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in Finance, Neil has been employed in various roles from sales to accounting. He has also been a successful business owner, but nothing has been more challenging or rewarding than this current path of navigating the financial markets. A general rule of thumb from Neil? Follow the rules (risk management), and the markets will reward you generously. Your time and freedom can be your own when desired, as the markets are open for business again tomorrow.

Where can I find Neil at Simpler?

Joe Rokop and Niel Yeager invite you to follow their trades in real time with Strike Zone Mastery. The goal is to help traders master versatile entry signals to catch consistent returns while calculating risk. Become a member today to attend weekly live-trading and Q&A sessions.

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This session is designed to get you up to speed on the Simpler way to profitable futures trading. During this one hour crash course, Simpler Trading’s very own Neil Yeager will take you from ‘walking to running’ in the futures market.

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Neil’s Trading Plan

Speculative trading for profit

Futures and Options, mainly using Simpler Trading indicators such as the Ready Aim Fire and the Squeeze Pro, along with a few moving averages.

Monthly: Wire out from, and not in to, my trading account

Yearly: Respectable return on capital

Long Term: Continue to learn

To find the right trade (or market) to be in and to stay out of the ones which appear to not offer opportunity.

Stock and Futures, Options on both

Intra-day and Swing

Intra-day price pivots. Swing setups using RAF and Squeeze Pro.

  • A Bullish Divergent Bar off Support in a Bullish Trend, or a Bearish Divergent Bar off Resistance of a Bearish Trend, or Back to Back Divergent Bars in a Consolidating Trend.
  • A Squeeze and Compound Breakout Tool Signal in line with the Trend.
  • A pullback to SMAs as support or resistance with confirmation it is holding.

Entry rules are set up specific. For example, for a swing position I use a trend retracement setup that I explain frequently. Exits can be and are determined by the charts.

Just on the other side of a recent swing/pivot.

Trail stops generally are about 2 bars behind.

1st scale at the point the initial risk is covered, then trail runners.

Start a ritual routine at 8am central observing overnight market conditions which allows me to then make a plan for targets in either a bullish or bearish environment.

Review the day’s trades for assessment.

Mainly Simpler indicators

Note each trade, reason for entry, etc.

Monitoring other Simpler moderators

Anything can happen at any time for any reason. The next trade is either a win or a loss, 50/50. That said, my #1 job is to be here tomorrow, that means don’t blow today. The only way I can do that is to stick to the plan.

Cut the losers, adhere to the stops/risk plan, and move on.

Trading Platforms Used by Neil:

Neil’s Must Read Books:

Trading in the Zone

Douglas uncovers the underlying reasons for lack of consistency and helps traders overcome the ingrained mental habits that cost them money.

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The Disciplined Trader

One of the first books to address the psychological nature of how successful traders think.

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Mind Over Markets

This book explains the underlying dynamics and structure of markets, identifies value areas, price rejection points, and measures the strength of buyers and sellers.

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Markets in Profile

Markets in Profile explores the confluence of three disparate philosophical frameworks: the Market Profile, behavioral finance, and neuroeconomics in order to present a unified theory of how markets work.

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Neil's Indicators

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