Neil Yeager

About Neil Yeager

Neil graduated from the University of South Alabama with a degree in Finance & Accounting. He has been a full time Futures and Options trader for about 12 years now. He frequently presents on, advising visitors on various intra-day and short term portfolio management techniques. He is also a fund manager and WorldCup Trading Advisor.

At Simpler Trading, Neil presents solid and invaluable trading analysis and education on a daily basis in our live trading room and is a fantastic mentor in our Private Mentorship Program. His years of experience and vast knowledge of John Carter’s trading methodology makes him a perfect host to help new traders find their way, and advanced traders hone their day trading skills. His clear and concise approach allows traders of all levels to follow along as he calls out trades.

Specialties: Futures, Futures Options, Currencies, Risk Management, and Technical Analysis

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