TG Watkins

Director of Stocks

TG Watkins

“Trading is the process of finding your path and the discipline to stay on it.”

Who is TG?

Many traders have been to a stock seminar, trade show, or investment presentation (after all, we host one here at Simpler). But have you ever seen a 12-year old in the audience? More than likely, not.

Over 20 years ago, TG Watkins was that 12-year old with his dad in the audience of a two-day stock trading seminar learning how to use the software that was being presented. Even though the presentation was mostly over his head, he knew that this type of knowledge would be important someday. As a result, he was hooked.

Then came the daily routine of sitting down with his dad after work, looking at the stock market, and working together to manage his positions. They continued to go to local stock seminars to acquire advice and exposure from seasoned traders.

After graduating with his engineering degree, TG set off to earn his Series 6 and 63 licenses, and then started his career as a financial advisor with New York Life. It was here that his knowledge about the financial industry really exploded. New York Life had an excellent and rigorous training program to make sure their advisors knew the products and the market inside and out. His exposure to the countless types of people and businesses that he worked with during his time there gave him a wide view of the world we live in. This exposure and worldview would later turn into one of his strengths and be a huge benefit to his trading game. After a few years of gaining the real life experience he was looking for while being an advisor, TG decided to get back into stock trading. Getting back into the game meant finding some mentors to learn from now that he was looking to tackle trading full-time as income. Fortunately, while at another seminar with his dad, TG found the right group of knowledgeable and caring experts to guide him through the first steps of sharing his trading knowledge. They saw his potential when he was developing his own indicator, which would later be known as the Moxie Indicator, and set him off on a course of helping other traders.

TG was running his own trading education service known as Moxie Trader for a few years, then bumped into John Carter at the Traders Expo in Las Vegas. This is where his relationship with Simpler Trading began and now he is one of the talented traders on the team. He can be found at his brand website There you can check out his newsletters, media appearances, info about the Moxie alert service, purchase the Moxie indicator and classes based on his trading method. Beginner traders and advanced traders have expressed just how clear and easily understandable the Moxie method is. Come see how trading can be viewed with simplicity and reliability.

Where can I find TG at Simpler?

Want to understand everything from shifts in market directions, to seeing beyond a stock’s price, to predicting market flow? Get actionable insights from TG’s chart analysis so that you can finally catch trends on time.

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TG’s Courses

Looking for precise stock swing trades? Discover TG's Checklist for Predicting 20% to 200% 'Pops and Drops'

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These ancillary but important tools, when all used together, can paint a very clear picture that allows TG to trade with the precision that helps set him apart.

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TG's Trading Plan

  • To be in control of my income, my time, and my future.
  • The power of compounding growth.
  • I like the idea of leverage. It takes the same effort to move $1 or $10,000 so I might as well learn a skill that allows me to work smarter.
  • Technical swing trading with moving averages and the Moxie Indicator.
  • Consistent setups that I am familiar with that yield reliable results.
  • 50% – 100% per year

Consistent wins with minimal losses

High beta stocks in most common sectors, occasionally stepping into gold miner and bonds when needed.

  • Trampoline moves (dips)
  • Elf Shoes (Double bottoms)
  • Impacts of price and MA support
  • Moxie divergence
  • Cross of the 50 SMA
  • Moxie cross zero line in the direction of the trade
  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, 15 min, 5 min, 2 min
  • Primarily Daily, Hourly, and 15 min
  • Within 2%- 7%
  • Just below MA support
  • When price jumps too far away from MA support.
  • When price goes outside the 3rd ATR.
  • When Moxie goes below zero opposite of trade direction and price crosses the 50 SMA opposite of trade direction.
  • Typically enter half size initially to test trade.
    • Add more where appropriate.
  • Take some risk off when the price gets too extended.
  • I typically like to look at the overnight action just to see where things will open
  • Unless really warranted, and other than stops getting hit automatically, my rule is to only act at the end of the day.

I scan the market and look for trade opportunities the last 2 hours of the day before the market closes.

  • The Moxie Indicator
  • Keltner channels
  • Slow Stochastic
  • The Squeeze
  • Volume
  • Moving averages

I annotate and mark up the charts and then save them, often then printing them.

  • Going to trading seminars of traders or services I find valuable.
  • Watching videos of other valuable traders and services.
  • Practicing historical charts with the OnDemand feature of TOS.
  • Know what works for you and just stick to it, no need to be extra fancy or be able to trade every style.
  • Stick to your rules.
  • Only take what really speaks clearly to you.
  • Do not go long till the price is at least over the 15 min 50.
  • If price doesn’t do what you want it to do, then it can do everything else in the world and you should step away.
  • Know the atmosphere, know when setups won’t work due to poor market environments.

Trading Platforms Used by TG:

TG’s Must Read Books:

How to Make Money in Stocks

This book hit the investing world like a jolt, providing readers with the first in-depth explanation of William J. O’Neil’s innovative CAN SLIM investing method.

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Insider Buy Superstocks

Jesse Stine does everything differently. He likes to say, “What everyone knows isn’t worth knowing and what everyone does isn’t worth doing.”

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Trading in the Zone

Douglas uncovers the underlying reasons for lack of consistency and helps traders overcome the ingrained mental habits that cost them money.

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Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard

How to Achieve Super Performance in Stocks in Any Market by one of America’s most successful stock traders.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits have become famous and are integrated into everyday thinking by millions and millions of people. Why? Because they work!

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Here are some of TG’s favorite products:

AOC I1601FWUX 15.6” USB-C Powered Portable Monitor

An absolute must for a trader – Bring a thin and light second screen with you so you never lose productivity.

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Sinji Ergonomic Mouse

It takes some getting used to, but I like the angle and keeps your wrist bones from crossing. The mouse supports the hand well, which prevents pain and damage when working at the computer for long stretches of time.

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Split Design Wired Keyboard

With the amount of typing that I do, a split keyboard really helps with the painful wrist angles. If you can get one that lights up, even better. You don’t realize how much easier it is to type in low light situations until you have one.

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GTRACING Reclining Desk Chair

My back likes to be in a reclined position, but most office chairs don’t recline, they just tilt back. So you have to get a “gaming” chair in order to get that feature. There are many to choose from with a variety of features.

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TG’s Media Appearances

Join TG Watkins, Director of Stocks, as he provides analysis of the weeks action, rich with education of the Moxie Indicator Method and how it can work for you.

Recent market rebound is a little ‘suspicious’: Trader

March 1, 2021
Simpler Trading director of options Danielle Shay provides insights into recent market moves, earnings and which stocks are ‘hot’ right now.

7 Cheap Restaurant Stocks Still Worth the Risk

Sept. 16, 2020
Dave & Buster’s is one of those companies that should spring back to life once a vaccine is developed and the economy is more solid in 2021, says TG Watkins, director of stocks with Simpler Trading.

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What college football cancelations mean for TV networks

August 15, 2020
From a stock market perspective, the size and scope of all three broadcasting companies means it’s unlikely that any college football cancellations would hurt their bottom lines considerably, according to TG Watkins, director of stocks at Simpler Trading.

Market merger mania & bitcoin price pummeled

Nov 22, 2019
TG Watkins of Simpler Trading joins the show today to analyze the recent ramp-up of acquisitions breaking into the headlines. Plus, despite a surge in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the price of bitcoin has been pummeled in recent days. Joey Krug of Pantera Capital lends us a hand to break down the details of bitcoin’s fall and what lies in store for the sector.

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