Jonathan McKeever

Director of Supply & Demand Trading

Jonathan McKeever

"News is a catalyst that pushes price into Demand or Supply"

Who is Jonathan?

Jon Mckeever, also known as “Tr3ndy Jon,” is an accomplished trader and retired Air Force veteran who ventured into the captivating world of trading after assuming a Director position at a major company. His unyielding curiosity and commitment to unraveling the complexities of trading inspired him to delve into a variety of educational services.

Driven by his passion for transparency and continuous learning, Jon developed an array of advanced trading tools, such as Trendy Edges and other groundbreaking scripts, to help traders achieve greater consistency in their results.

Having honed his skills in identifying supply and demand, Jon was recognized for his expertise and was hired as the Director of Supply and Demand Trading at Simpler Trading. In this role, he leads initiatives to provide traders with unparalleled insights into the market and enable them to reach new heights in their trading journey.

Jon shares his expertise and trading strategies in the “Tr3ndy Trading Room,” where traders can learn from his wealth of experience and proven methods in a collaborative environment.

Jon’s unwavering commitment to transparency, education, and mentorship has established him as a respected figure in the trading community. His professionalism, strategic thinking, and dedication to fostering growth in others make him an invaluable asset at Simpler Trading.

As you embark on your trading journey with Jon McKeever, you will benefit from his expertise and education-focused approach. 

Under his guidance, you will discover a robust process that incorporates defined risk, targeted strategies, and exceptional market analysis. With Jon sharing his insights in the Tr3ndy Trading Room, you can confidently navigate the complex world of trading and develop your skills as a trader.

Where can I find Jonathan at Simpler?

Jon’s Trade alerts are automatic, so you’ll be receiving the exact trades that he’s taking in his account (with both opening and closing orders). These alerts will come directly from the Simpler Trading Room and app. Follow his clear and objective signals based on an analysis of supply and demand.

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Jonathan's Trading Plan

I am trading because of my passion to try and curve the learning experience for all traders.

My goal is to help you identify these supply and demand levels to help your trading become consistent. I believe this is the tool missing with most retail traders. 

Financially I like to stay humble and realize the market can take just as fast as it gives. I would like to secure a financial future for my loved ones

My main goal is overall long term growth intra day and swing trading. I dont take money out of my account. 

My objective is to hold myself and members accountable to their trading plans. Trade your plan, execute your plan.

As a supply and demand trader my go to’s are the yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly daily, 4hr, and 5min time frames. These do change regularly to keep my edge on the market

  • Supply And Demand Manually Drawn
  • Trendy Edge Setups
  • Line in the sand (LIS) Setups
  • ACDC bull/bear
  • PreMarket Zone (PMZ) Setups
  • Trendy Band Setups
  • I like to use the TTM squeeze pro and histogram against all my levels.

Every Trendy setup is an opportunity but always know that zero is possible. While there are several variables to take into account to make the trade better, what you wait for or don’t wait for before entering a trade is maybe the greatest variable. (i.e. “Timing”)

Depending on what type of trader you are, here are a few entry options to consider when price is setting up:

  1. Most Conservative: Wait for a candle close
  2. Aggressive: Only wait for a higher high/lower low or take the trade
  3. Most Aggressive: Take the touch or break of an entry level based on momentum regardless if the candle closes

I don’t place stops based off percentage, I place stops based on what the setup is and my allocation of risk on that setup.

I take profit at supply and demand zones, I rarely use trailing stops but teach how to incorporate this technique.

Always be willing to lose what you are risking. You need to be comfortable with your management of risk.

Wake up and review the /ES futures and create my plan.

I use trade flash on ThinkorSwim to find setups and use my scanners every morning.

I also use market catalysts to find setups, such as potential earnings on certain names that week I might be interested in.

I focus on 2-4 trades daily and I’m always looking for 2-3 Long-Term swings

Detaching from the market and unwind! I like to review my trades with my members.

– Trendy Edges 

– Trendy Bands/EMA Cloud 

– Line in the Sand (LIS)

– Premarket Zone (PMZ)

– Label Studies

– Squeeze Pro

I like to review my trades with members.

On his YouTube

Stick to your plan, stay patient and wait for our levels. Use your tools with your process, if price isnt at the levels then no trade. Wait for your setup and dont front run it. We aren’t perfect and sometimes rules are broken but I’m a believer in rules broken in trading make you a better trader in time

My mindset has been heavily influenced by the work of Mark Douglas and his books.

Trade your plan, what’s important is the allocation of your money and how comfortable you are with risk. My commandment is that you are truly comfortable with the trade you are taking and that you’re ok with losing money. Trading involves losing and winning, know that.

Trading Platforms Used by Jonathan:

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