What Can You Expect From The Simpler Trading Scanner Subscription?

Not only do you get custom weekly scans, intraday scans, and our best daily scans to meet your unique trading style, but you also get scans for signals from some of our favorite proprietary indicators. For example, the ST Scanner applies the Squeeze, filters the stocks with just the right setup criteria, and identifies the stocks that have a high enough volume to look interesting.

Why become a Member?

Trading can be overwhelming, especially when you can’t watch the market full time. That’s why having our ‘smart scans’ is so critical. You’ll save time, energy, and frustration when you no longer have to manually search dozens of charts for trading ideas. Our proprietary scans have been developed over multiple years to help our veteran traders find their favorite setups in real-time.

How It Works

The Simpler Scanner scours 1000’s stocks, ETFs, and even Indexes for the best setups… The unique tool scans the entire universe of stocks and applies our fundamental criteria, including John’s ‘growth stock checklist’ to find the best stocks in the top 10 growth industries. It also looks through a small group of stocks that have already met a strict fundamental filter.

Proprietary scans include:

Focused Trades Scans

These scans scan for stocks in a clearly defined trend with the addition of a Squeeze that meets a strict list of momentum/structure criteria. This allows you to focus on the strongest trends possible while utilizing the Squeeze to increase the odds of catching the next directional move.

3-Day Time Frame Scans

Similar to the Focused Trades scans, but these scans give you a longer-term look at the Squeeze (3-Day Daily Bullish Continuation Pro and 3-Day Daily Bearish Continuation Pro).

Daily Scans

The daily scans update nightly to keep you ahead of the curve for the next trading day, as well as additionally hosting the popular Daily Pop Candidates, which is a list of stocks that meet a specific set of criteria that implies they may be ready to explode higher. This is a favorite scan of our Founder, John Carter.

Daily Bullish/Bearish Continuation Pro

The primary focus here is on identifying Squeezes, which also includes identifying when a nested Squeeze is present. These scans also have additional criteria that provide you with an extra edge, and these cover our Founder, John Carter’s full setup.

Multi-Time Frame Analysis (MTFA)

The MTFA indicator identifies when momentum lines up in the same direction on multiple time frames. With this scan, you can now find stocks in potentially strong trending moves with a single snapshot.

Voodoo Lines

It’s even possible to scan for Simpler’s popular Voodoo Lines, which uses David Starr’s prosperity Fibonacci analysis and Elliott Wave formula to find significant areas of support and resistance.

10x Scans

Quickly sort for stocks that have strong momentum. Our traders use this scan to identify opportunities to piggyback on institutional order flow. The goal is to know when to go with the strong market conviction and when it’s time to GTFO (Get the Funds Out).

R.A.F. Scans

These scans allow you to scan for signals from one of Simpler’s most popular timing tools, the Ready.Aim.Fire (R.A.F.) indicator. The R.A.F. took over 5 years to develop, and now this allows you to have immediate access to the R.A.F. scans straight to your screen without having the tool installed on your charts.

Here’s what others say about trading with The Simpler Trading Scanner:

@JC love the ST scanner for picking high prob stocks

- AmyK

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