It’s kind of like giving you a fish while teaching you how to fish.

Chart Patterns Mastery puts Chris Brecher in your corner. It’s designed to help you master his strategies at your own pace with his ongoing guidance. As a member you get real-time trade alerts when Chris identifies setups that he trades with his own money. You get two daily live trading sessions with Chris, plus bonus live sessions when Chris sees a trade he likes. Members get premium nightly videos three times a week. And you also get access to the learning center as well.

Live Trading Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Live Trading

Daily interactive live trading sessions with Chris Brecher.

Real-Time Trade Alerts

Follow Chris’s trades in real-time without having to watch the market during the day.

Interactive Q&A

At the end of every live trading session you’ll get a dedicated Q&A session with Chris.

Simpler Essentials

Get the 101 on trading options, stocks, futures, psychology, and money management.

What's included

Feeling lost or stuck?

Get clarity! With Chart Patterns Mastery you get to focus on what is working in the markets, in real time!

Can’t watch the market?

Missing the best moves? Get alerts texted to you when Chris identifies new trades or market moves.

Consistency is key.

That’s why you get a Q&A live-trading session with Chris and fellow Mastery members every day. Use these interactive sessions to level up your results as fast as possible.

Want to trade with confidence?

We’re here to help you master the same powerful options strategy Chris used to grow a $200 account into $25K.

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Your Chart Patterns Mastery Team

Here is what fellow Simpler Trading community members said about Chris:

“I just watched a video series from Chris and John from a few years back the other day. Chris is a great teacher, and his ATR works really well on /ES.”