Mary Ellen McGonagle

Senior Managing Director of Equities

Mary Ellen McGonagle

“Having confidence in your trading system will keep your emotions at bay.”

Who is Mary Ellen?

Mary Ellen is the Senior Managing Director of Equities here at Simpler. She started her career at the ripe age of 21 when she went to work on Wall Street right out of college as an assistant on the Fixed Income trading desk at Goldman Sachs. With all the commotion on the active trading floor and huge amounts of money being traded, it was a very heady experience for the young college grad. She knew she had found her future. After Goldman she took a position at Equitable Life, a large insurance firm highly regarded on Wall Street. She was soon promoted to portfolio manager, with 8 accounts worth over $2 Billion. It was here that Mary Ellen learned how BIG money institutions had access to high-level intelligence that individuals did not have.

After 8 years of peak performance for her clients, Mary Ellen left New York City for Los Angeles to take a position with the famed William O’Neil + Co, the founder of Investor’s Business Daily. Mary Ellen’s work regularly involved analyzing hundreds of data points on thousands of stocks to determine which were healthy and poised to take off. For 15 years, Mary Ellen was one of only about 20 people in the world to have weekly meetings and intra-week meetings with Bill O’Neil where her skills were tested by the master himself.

She’s been in the trenches’ through many market cycles… The Tech Bubble, the 2002 Recovery, the 2008 Banking Crash, the 2009 Recovery and the 2018 and 2020 Bear Markets.

After advising top portfolio hedge and mutual fund managers for 20 years, Mary Ellen turned her attention to independent investors. You can find her analysis in her bi-weekly newsletter MEM Edge and appearances in the Options Gold room. Mary Ellen knows what to look for – combining fundamental and technical information with a heavy dose of intuition and 20 years as the trusted advisor to the advisors.

Where can I find Mary Ellen at Simpler?

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Mary Ellen’s Trading Plan

To increase retirement funds.

To enter high quality growth stocks just as they take off.

To outperform the broader markets by at least double.

To increase funds by using a disciplined, proven system.

Bullish Uptrends

2 weeks to 2 years

High Quality Equity Trading With A Momentum Strategy.

When the stock is in an uptrend and as the stock emerges from a base on increased volume or a pullback to key simple moving averages.

8% below purchase price or breaks below 50-day moving average.

Let stock continue to run as long as industry group and markets are in favorable uptrends.

Percent of each position in the portfolio not to exceed 8%.

  • Watch how China and Europe have traded.
  • Check for release of relevant economic data.
  • Review pre-market movers and uncover reason.
  • Check positions for positions relative to key moving averages.
  • Look for stocks on my watch list that have turned bullish. and MarketSmith for charting. In addition I review several news sources, like Investors Business Daily, etc.

Use experience as a reminder to stay with set rules.

  • Open any new position only when market conditions are bullish.
  • Make sure stock is part of a trending/healthy industry group.
  • Use historical precedence of stock’s performance to gauge future behavior.
  • Do not chase a stock.
  • Make sure you’re in the leading stock of a leading group.

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Mary Ellen’s Media Appearances

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Sept 22, 2019

The financial scandals of the past two decades created a wave of new regulations and enforcement that pried open the previous ‘fraternity’ environment. When you combine that with the information ease that was created with the internet and social media, then the old boy network of quiet deals between banks, public companies and institutional investors quickly came under pressure.

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