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One of the most important things when learning to trade is having a mentor. Why trade alone? You’d want your mentor to be a successful day trader -- with expert trading advice. Maybe even a famous day trader. We don’t want you to waste your time wading through business after business, trying to find an experienced trader you can trust to guide you in the right direction. Trade with our team of experienced and famous day traders instead.

John Carter

John Carter
Founder of Simpler Trading

20-year retail trading veteran in Equities, Options, Futures, and more.

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Henry Gambell

Henry Gambell
Senior Managing Director (SMD), Options Trading

Expert in Options, Equities,Risk Management, and Technical Analysis

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Bruce Marshall
Director, Options and Income Trading

27 years of professional trading. Expert in Options, and Greeks.

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Raghee Horner
Managing Director (MD), Futures Trading

26 years in Retail Trading. Specialties in Forex, Currency ETF, Futures & more.

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Danielle Shay
Director, Options

Expert in Options, Equities and Futures markets with a primarily focus on technical analysis, including Fibonacci. Head of Foundation.

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Eric Purdy
Director, Quantitative Strategies

18-year retail trade veteran and technical Indicator Development

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Carolyn Boroden
The Fibonacci Queen

25 years Commodity Trading Advisor Experience and Expert in Technical Analysis

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Neil Yeager
VP, Futures Trading

12-year Retail Trade veteran with expert knowledge in Futures, and Currencies.

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Allison Ostrander
Director, Risk Tolerance & Trader

Allison specializes in helping traders find their Risk Balance to grow accounts while not over investing the capital.

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David Starr
VP, Quantitative Analysis

Specializes in Day and Swing Trading Futures, Options, and Futures Options

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Tammy Marshall
Fibonacci Trading Room Moderator

Tammy is always here to help you learn how to trade more accurately using specific entries and exits.

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Jack Roberts
Director of Options Strategies
& Micro-Futures

Jack focuses heavily on only getting into trades he truly believes in and won’t chase a trade once it’s left his risk parameters.

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TG Watkins
Director, Stocks

TG is a great teacher especially for those looking for confidence when deciding whether or not to exit or enter a trade.

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Sam Shames
Director, Equities

Sam specializes in equities, options, futures, and macro using short-term swing trading.

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Joe Rokop
Managing Director of
Commodities & Equities

Joe's main goal is to help others become better traders and realize better results.

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Here at Simpler Trading, we’ve built a team of incredible trading mentors with expertise  in Options, Stocks, Forex, and Futures. Whether you’re an advanced trader, or a beginner with a small account, there’s a perfect mentor for you here. At Simpler Trading, we want everyone to have the freedom to live a happy, simpler life, and trading can help you achieve that.

With a mentor, you get expert trading advice from a real, successful day trader. Having a mentor provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, avoid those trading pitfalls. Not only is it more enjoyable to trade with someone, but it speeds up your trading success exponentially.

Imagine when you were back in primary school. How difficult it would’ve been to learn to read, write, or spell without a teacher. How difficult it would’ve been to understand just normal human emotions, and how to deal with them without parents to guide you (and tell you what’s right and wrong). How difficult it would’ve been to figure out how to tell time or to just stick to a schedule without a guide. Most things that you learn in life, the knowledge stems from someone else before you. Learning to trade is no different, the difficulties you can bypass by finding the right trading mentor for you is truly invaluable!