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The future for Simpler Trading is bright and boundless. We add new members to our following everyday and are constantly finding better ways to deliver relevant information to our patrons through our wide array of trading experts in Options, Stocks, Forex, and Futures.

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John Carter

John Carter
Options Trading Expert

20-year retail trading veteran in Equities, Options, Futures, and more.

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Henry Gambell

Henry Gambell
Vice President

Expert in Options, Equities,Risk Management, and Technical Analysis

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Chris Brecher - Stocks Expert Trader

Chris Brecher
Stocks Trading Expert

Expert in Day Trading Options, Stocks, Futures, and Technical Analysis

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Bruce Marshall
Income Trading Specialist

27 years of professional and retail trading. Expert in Equities, Options, and Greeks.

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Tony LaPorta
Futures Trading Expert

36 years in professional finanacial futures and Ex-Pit trade CME and LIFFE

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Neil Yeager
Trade Room Moderator

12-year Retail Trade veteran with expert knowledge in
Futures, Currencies, and more

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Raghee Horner
Forex Trading Expert

26 years in Retail Trading. Specialties in Forex, Currency ETF and Futures, and more

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Eric Purdy
Indicator Developer

18-year retail trade veteran and technical Indicator Development

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Carolyn Boroden
Fibonacci Queen

25 years Commodity Trading Advisor Experience and Expert in Technical Analysis

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John Clayburg
Trading Systems Specialist

Specializes in Creating and Trading Automated Self-Optimizing Trading Systems

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Tucker Stipe
Options Content Provider

Specializes in Stocks, Options, ETFs, and Day Swing Trading

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David Starr
Elliott Wave Expert

Specializes in Day and Swing Trading Futures, Options, and Futures Options

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