Tucker Stipe

About Tucker Stipe

Throughout his career, Tucker Stipe has demonstrated the ability to adapt and change, from engineer, to sales management, to business owner. From 2009 to 2015, Tucker was Head Coach and Trainer for ETF Trend Trading. His passion is trading and helping others learn to trade.

Specialties: Stocks, Options, ETF’s, Day Swing Trading

  • The Best Way To Leverage Fibonacci Analysis Around Earnings

    The Best Way To Leverage Fibonacci Analysis Around Earnings

    Unless you know exactly what you are doing with options strategies and are willing to risk some premium for a roll of the dice, I will suggest that NEWBIES stay out of any earnings trading strategies.
  • Planning A Trading Computer

    Planning A Trading Computer

    Building your own isn’t for everyone and you may even be able to get a computer for less money buying it as a complete bundle. But even if you’re having someone else build your computer for you, a discussion of what components to use and how to select them might be useful.
  • What Time Is It?

    What Time Is It?

    The point is to block out the noise and focus on your bread and butter. What type trading do you enjoy? What type trading are you profitable and consistent with? Once you sit back and can focus on which type trading you really want to use, you can gain clarity and relieve some stress of trying to figure trades for every time frame.