Lorna "Bot" St. George

Sr. Trading Room Moderator


Programmer, teacher and trader. Went from being a Simpler customer to a room moderator, trading futures, options, and equities using Raghee & John’s methods and tools and helping others learn their systems.

Who is Lorna?

I came to trading out of pure necessity – as a programmer for most of my working life, I traveled the world programming and teaching other programmers for various companies…some you have likely heard of and some probably not! I had been an investor but never really did more than buy-and-hold stocks. The more I traveled, though, the more I began to realize that currency exchange prices fluctuated wildly. I realized I could be more efficient (and it would cost me a lot less!) if I understood the forex markets and could take advantage of the price fluctuations between my dollars and the currencies for the countries I regularly visited. That is when I came across an amazing forex trader by the name of Raghee Horner. I learned her system, and kept up with her trade ideas on a few forums whenever I could. When I discovered she was part of Simpler Trading, I was all in. I had seen John Carter speak at a few live events and I really liked his approach to trading and the psychological aspects he teaches. It fit nicely with what I had already learned from Raghee so when I stopped traveling as much, I joined Simpler as a customer and then eventually I joined the team. I love teaching and trading (and programming!) and my goal is to pay forward what I learned from everyone at Simpler and help others on their own trading journey.

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