Taylor Horton

Taylor Horton

VP of Directional Options Strategies

Circle Head - Taylor

“My goal is to only trade setups where the odds are stacked in my favor as much as possible, and to completely ignore anything that doesn’t fit my criteria.”

Who is Taylor?

Taylor got his introduction to trading at a young age from his father, Jim, who runs his own wealth management company. When Taylor was 17, Jim found some videos online of John Carter and shared them with Taylor. This became his first introduction into the world of options. This led to John quickly becoming a role model of his, and someone Taylor would ultimately try to model his game after.

As someone who has always been attracted to taking a different path, Taylor loves that the stock market provides the opportunity to determine his own way. He didn’t want to be locked into the structure of a typical college-career-focused life. With this mindset at age 16, Taylor made a deal with his father that he would finish high school online from home, so he could continue trading on his own at the same time. Since then, Taylor has not looked back and continues to focus fully on improving his trading every day. Trading has presented him with the opportunity to express himself in an “eat what you kill” environment.

Taylor’s philosophy in life, as well as in trading, is Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality”. This is the belief that life is a constant quest to be the best version of oneself. He combines this belief with the thought that trading is very psychological in nature, and that in order to master trading one must apply the following concepts: consistency, discipline, and patience. Taylor is also a strong proponent of separating oneself from the money. He believes a trader should focus less on the profits and more on the process that leads to the profits. Profits are simply a byproduct of good trading!

Taylor’s trading style focuses on trading high-probability setups with high-probability options strategies. His major focus is trading weekly, 3-day, and daily squeezes in trending stocks. He additionally utilises credit spreads to even further stack-the-odds in his favor. Over the years, he has found success in mastering a single setup, the squeeze, and doesn’t waste time focusing on any other setup. Taylor is a strong proponent that one can make a career out of trading nothing but the squeeze setup!

Taylor’s trading style, tools, mindset, philosophy of life, and focus on mastering effective set-ups makes him the perfect person to learn from if you are looking for a different path in life. He seeks to teach and educate others on making trading a rewarding and legitimate career path which allows for freedom, gratification, and success based on your own efforts and hard work.

Where can I find Taylor at Simpler?

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