Jared Anderson

Director Of Simpler Trading Cryptocurrency

Having spent the last 4 years learning the ins and outs of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Jared is the inspiration and leader of Simpler Trading’s Cryptocurrency Division. SimplerCrypto is designed to break down the world of cryptocurrency to keep you moving in the right direction.


A little bit about Jared:

Shortly after the 2008 financial crisis, Jared opened his first trading account. Through his profitable stock trading journey, Jared encountered the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. By 2013 he began mining some altcoins and there is where he found his passion for the market of cryptocurrencies. Before most traders, or the general public, had any idea of these new types of currencies, Jared knew he was quickly entering an exciting opportunity that had never been seen before. Jared also went on to learn that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a multi layered market of not only Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but also Blockchain technology. Jared continues to see a future of not only cryptocurrencies but, also Blockchain technology. Jared is confident that Blockchain will be the foundation for most, if not all industries, including the markets, healthcare, taxes, and of course, currencies.

Here are a few of his latest beginner tutorials on CryptoCurrencies:


Buying Your First Bitcoin

Within 3 short minutes, you'll be armed and ready to purchase your first Bitcoin. In this video, I'll walk you step by step through the process of making your first Bitcoin purchase.

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Where do I store my Bitcoin?

Now that you've got some Bitcoin, where the heck do you store it? In this video we'll walk you through the different types of wallets to store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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What is an Altcoin?

Unless you've had your head in the sand, it's likely you've heard of Bitcoin by now. But have you heard the term "Altcoin" before? If so, I'm sure it has left some of you scratching your head. In this short video I'll explain to you what an "Altcoin" is.

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