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May 26th 2022  .  7 min read

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  • Analysis boosts trading consistency
  • ‘Simpler Circle’ provides no-pressure sessions
  • Add more trading with professionals

Jerome Powell’s puppeteering had the stock market dancing again into the end of the week. Circle up and learn the “Simpler Way.”

Federal Open Market Committee minutes released Wednesday showed the Federal Reserve president was sticking to plans of raising interest rates another half point. The market responded with a sharp rally higher after the open on Thursday.

And traders started clicking the “buy” button in their online trading platforms.

As the rally flurry intensified, updated market information continued to flood in – U.S. Gross Domestic Product was revised further down for the first quarter of 2022; weekly jobless claims decreased but still remained above 200,000; mixed retail projections and earnings reports from major department stores and discount retailers; and a decline in pending home sales – six months in a row.

How do traders digest the volume of news, data, and possibilities in a market that changes moods and direction like a lava lamp?

Circle up and learn the “Simpler Way.”

(Check out the free video, above, for insight into trading this changing market.)

Difficult market requires consistency

There are many “heavy” topics facing the economy, stock market, and traders today. 

Yet, the market offers bright spots where traders can target upside moves in a bearish environment, like the rally Thursday.

This was the second consecutive day of gains across the board as the stock market tries to rebound from weeks of losses.

The rally may provide relief to some traders, but may not hold up in the face of inflation, rising interest rates, world conflicts, and political fighting.

While sustained, trending markets – bull or bear – provide traders an environment of more “steady” trading setups, the current market is difficult to follow. One day this market is headed for a crash, and the next day it rallies.

Buyers are cautious and sellers can let loose under any pressure of losses.

A market like this prompts Simpler’s traders to embrace their inner trading “nerd” and turn to the data.

The team considers a two-prong approach to assessing the market: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

  • Fundamental analysis – Studying data from corporate finances, market share, sales projections, overall assets, or the general economy can provide insight into stock expectations ahead.
  • Technical analysis – This centers around time: past and present price action that leads to predicting probable price moves going forward. Price, time, volume, and volatility are important factors.

This uncertain market highlights the importance of traders maintaining a consistent and objective trading plan with strategies that match predetermined risk management.

‘Simpler Circle’ opens new trading sessions

The market constantly changes, so Simpler’s traders have adapted as needed and are offering a special event for traders to train and trade.

What is “Simpler Circle?”

Our team circled the wagons against the onslaught of market chaos, and put together a special event to connect directly with traders in our online community.

Traders have faced great market turmoil for the past few months, and we believe there is a need for taking a step back, assessing market conditions, and mixing “no pressure” training in a trading environment.

Simpler Circle is a special event where a select group of our traders will discuss market conditions, what is working for them, and anticipate future market conditions. The event kicks off tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. Central in our Free Trading Room. Just join the room and take part in the sessions.

From market open to close, you can join traders such as John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, who has multiple seven-figure trades in the last two years.

The morning will include live-trading and market analysis, while the afternoon will be discussion-based.

Take a look at the session schedule (all Central times):

  • 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. –
    • Put on your learning cap for some market magic from Henry Gambell, Senior Managing Director of Options Trading, and David Starr, Vice President of Quantitative Analysis, who can dive deep into market assessment and predictions while keeping setups simple with a predetermined target.
  • 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. –
    • Raghee Horner, Managing Director of Futures Trading, moves with speed and efficiency so much so the “big players” on Wall Street have to take breaks to keep up with her 30-years of experience and insight. She’ll get under the market sonar to find plays in futures, stocks, options, indexes and exchange-traded funds (ETF).
  • 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. –
    • Sam Shames, Vice President of Options, doesn’t hold back on what he sees happening in the market and calls a gap down or rally without hesitation. Sam always has a fresh look on what happened, what is happening, and what likely happens next.
  • 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. –
  • 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. –
    • Can you handle a double dose of stack action and analysis? TG Watkins, Director of Stocks, and Mary Ellen McGonagle, Senior Managing Director of Equities, break open this session with dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” for data analysis for indexes, stocks, and “seeing” price action before other traders catch the move.
  • 2 p.m. to market close –
    • John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, and Kody Ashmore, Director of Weekly Options Strategies, will open traders’ eyes to the fast pace, big potential of options trading – no matter which direction the market is moving. Whether the setups move over minutes or months, these traders will work the market with a macro view determined to produce consistent trading income while managing risk.

The sessions work much like our daily online trading chat rooms. Traders can receive alerts, listen to traders’ live market assessments, and download free information.

All sessions are in the Free Trading Room, so sign up to take part in this event.

Insights for training, trading

Simpler Trading has been providing insight into the trading world for more than a decade.

John Carter started sharing his analysis and trade setups from a room in his home in between feeding his goldfish. The company has grown to include a team of traders with a variety of skills, experience, and individualized outlooks on the market.

The goal is to share what traders know, what they see in the market, and how they plan to trade going forward.

When you join the Simpler Circle special event, here are some terms to keep in mind as the day progresses:

  • Buy – This implies strong performance of an asset and traders tend to associate this with bullish sentiment in the market. Traders can still buy in a bear market.
  • Outperform – This refers to assets doing better than expected, i.e. outperforming against earnings expectations or outperforming against similar assets or the broader market. Simpler’s traders target these assets for potential setups.
  • Hold – This is a neutral rating also called “market perform” or “equal weight.” The asset is producing little consideration for a buy, but also no reason to sell. Traders can hold an asset like this and wait for more price action.
  • Underperform – The asset is “underweight” or considered a “moderate sell” because performance is not living up to expectations or price is falling behind similar assets or the broader market.
  • Sell – This is a “strong sell” – time to move on from an asset not meeting general expectations or profit potential in a trade setup.

These are general terms, and understanding how these apply across indexes, stocks, futures, options, etc., is an important part of training and trading.

Learning to trade with a professional

All traders have to get started somewhere and all traders should consider finding a mentor no matter their skill level.

Finding connections as a retail trader working to trade in the stock market can be a challenge. Consider trying Simpler Trading’s very own online chat room for free. The team put together the Simpler Free Trading Room so traders can learn the advantages of trading with a professional.

No cost, no commitment, just sign up and join us for these real-time sessions during market hours.

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