Henry Gambell

VP of Simpler Trading®

Henry’s calm, cool, nature keeps you focused and centered. Often revered as the “Zen Master,” Henry’s sessions review trades from the previous day or week before the cash open and enable you to craft a strategic game plan for each new day.

A little bit about Henry:

Henry Gambell began his career as an IT professional with a passion for gambling, which by no accident landed him at John Carter’s door one fateful day in 2010. After observing his calm demeanor, John recognized the potential trader inside him. He decided to train Henry in his craft. Henry left his job and joined John in what was at the time, the beginnings of a business being run out of an apartment. They started the company that is now Simpler Trading, and Henry helped contribute to the second edition of Carter’s book, “Mastering the Trade.” Henry is now our Vice President and Lead Content Provider.

Henry dives into trading with the opening bell, and you can usually find him in our chatroom trading the market open. He is primarily a conservative, directional trader, with a trend following, conservative take on the markets. The complex, income generating options strategies he utilitizes such as butterflies, unbalanced butterflies, credit spreads with occasional long calls and puts when he's really feeling aggressive allow him optimal risk to reward scenarios. During his sessions, you can find him scanning for new setups, walking traders through new trades, managing open trades. A strict technical analysis, he focuses on key technical indicators such as the Voodoo lines (derived from Elliott Wave analysis), Fibonacci levels and key technical levels. His patience and market overview that he shares daily in the trading room at market open will get your day started off on the right foot. He tries to keep his indicators simple, using The Squeeze, RAF Indicator, and Voodoo Lines. His goal is to give traders high probability, conservative trades with excellent risk to reward ratios. He makes it his mission to teach trading psychology, patience and how to get the best return you can from the money that you have.

Recommended Audience: Beginners & advanced traders alike can learn from the wealth of knowledge that Henry has to offer. As a trend follower, particularly those traders who are want to focus on perfecting their directional picks should listen in on Henry's sessions. Directional trading is one of the most difficult ways to trade – learning how to select the best patterns of one of Henry's best talents! In addition, Henry explains trading these setups in complex manners with ease. If you want to understand these strategies, you've found the right place.

Trader Profile: Expert Technical Analyst / Conservative / Swing Trader / Options Expert/ Prefers Complex Options Strategies / Directional / Loves Fibonacci / Trend Follower

Here are some resources that Henry has developed to help you along your trading journey:


Strategy Selection Risk Gauge

Henry is a conservative trader, who specializes in creating a constant stream of income for himself, as well as making aggressive, directional plays when the situation presents itself. This is his overall theme when making decisions about strategies and position sizing.

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Trade Alerts

Entering Trades Using Trade Alerts

One of the best features of the Simpler Trading service, the trade alerts, enables you to trade more efficiently. Trade alerts are posted in our Gold Room, as well as emailed and texted out. You’ll find them useful once you have a basic understanding of how we trade.

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Henry’s Charts – His Core Setups

Henry has found a great combination of tools that he likes, and he sticks with it. Those tools are always complemented by his Fibonacci work, and overall market analysis. Continue reading to learn about his favorite tools that assist him in his day to day.

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