David Starr
VP, Quantitative Analysis

Trading Profile: Aggressive, futures, options, commodities and forex. Swing Trader, Elliott Wave expert, directionally biased + trend follower, covered calls/puts, butterflies, condors, calendars, diagonals.

Recommended for: Any size account, beginner to advanced traders, can make use of David’s thoughts on the trend. He shares some of the trades he takes as well as providing education on setups that can be used in specific situations.

About David: Elliott Wave expert, who focuses on broad markets, primarily the S&P 500, Euro, Gold, and Crude Oil.  He likes to get exposure to these markets through a range of instruments including futures, index options, options on ETFs, and options on futures. Focuses on understanding trend and countertrend moves on all timeframes. Traders of all levels can benefit from his style of Elliott Wave and directional analysis.