David Starr

VP of Quantitative Analysis

“Start each day with an open mind. The market is much more powerful than we are and cares very little about what we want from our trades. But with the right frameworks we can learn to listen to what the market wants and trade accordingly.”

Who is David?

David is Simpler Trading’s “Mad Scientist”. He is the creator of the popular Voodoo Lines® and Ready, Aim, Fire! indicators. A trained theoretical mathematician who later took his MBA first in his class, he now trades full time in addition to helping Simpler Trading clients achieve their own success. Many might consider his academic achievements and his experience building companies, taking them public, and as a strategic management consultant to some of the most respected first as ideal preparation for success in financial markets. However, he is passionate in stressing that the key to trading success is understanding and managing one’s own emotions. In the same way that David’s consulting clients prized his ability to provided customized insights into unique business situations, traders who have taken David’s classes or listen to him daily in the Simpler Futures room use his insights to take their trading to the next level. David understands that the same trading style which might allow one trader to approach markets in a calm, collected manner ideal for reaping profits might provoke the emotional demons that incite account-destroying behavior in another.

It is generally more experienced traders who are able to most quickly assimilate the trading lessons David has to share and his talent for solving problems in new and refreshing ways. Traders of all experience levels make use of his technical indicators and the out-of-the-box thinking which led to their development. Even if you don’t yet use one of these tools, you might be surprised to learn that you already make use of his technology on a regular basis as his patented innovations in wireless technology are inside virtually every smartphone on the planet.

For his own trading, David relies heavily on Elliott Wave analysis and he shares his insights into market trends nightly in his Elliott Wave dispatch and daily interacting with the traders in the Simpler Futures room. Viewed by many as too complex, arcane, or unreliable to use regularly, again our Mad Scientist has his own out-of-the-box approach. David regularly hears from clients that his “language of the market” analogy which describes how Elliott wave is a language markets use to communicate with us finally made this style of analysis easily understandable and that his Elliott wave analysis of markets provides them actionable trade ideas.

Not every trader wants to learn about Elliott Waves, even with a more accessible approach. So David went into his lab and found a way to turn Elliott Wave analysis on its head and make all of its weaknesses into strengths. Too many people abandon the style of analysis viewing it as too subjective, or only accurate in hindsight. If everyone agrees it’s accurate in hindsight, David thought, let me create a tool which projects current prices from waves which occurred long enough in the past that there’s no argument about the pattern. Voodoo Lines was the result and not only do traders love how magically it tends to find support and resistance, but they also appreciate that all they have to do is look at lines on a chart without any complex wave knowledge required.