Porsche Dots Indicators

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Learn to use the Porsche Dots and how to read and implement them on your chart.

What are the Porsche Dots?

When watching price action in preparation to enter a trade it is always a good idea to know what is going on in the background, i.e. volume, momentum, prevailing trend and so on. The Porsche Dots are designed to help conserve space on your charts while still keeping on eye on this information. These dots are based on the ABC Waves Indicator which shows you long, intermediate and short term momentum in the market.  

If you are not using the ABC Waves currently, perhaps you have heard Simpler Trading mention them in the past. Either way, the Porsche Dots are going to save you a lot of time trying to figure out what the momentum is doing against the prevailing trend. As you can see the Porsche Dots are going to either display at the top or the bottom of the chart. This is how you can quickly determine which direction the momentum is leaning. 

How to read the Porsche Dots:

When the Porsche Dots appear at the bottom of your chart, you have positive momentum according to the ABC Waves momentum tracking background strength. As you can tell when there is strength across all of these time frames, you will have a higher probability of a greater than expected move in the corresponding direction. 

Dot Colors: Positive if displayed below the price, Negative if above the price. 

Yellow Dots – Short term momentum.  Tracking Short Intraday time frames.
Cyan Dots
– Intermediate-term momentum. Tracking Long Intraday and Daily time frames.
Purple Dots
–  Long term moment. Tracking Weekly and Monthly time frames.

Location on Chart:

Porsche Dots on Bottom = High Momentum: This is where you will see price action tend to lift into a bullish pattern. 

Porsche Dots on the bottom of the chart are where you will see pressure lift the price to higher levels as the momentum is on the rise. As momentum shifts so can the price however. 

Mixed Porsche Dots = Uncertainty in direction: These are areas in time where you have the momentum potential shifting and will not have a clear indication of directional strength.

These periods where the dots are mixed tend give little insight into what you can expect from price action. 

Limited or No Porsche Dots = Momentum in flux: When the momentum of an underlying is transitioning between bullish and bearish you will see no dots until the direction can be determined. 

These are areas where the momentum is not in alignment in either direction. You are going to want to see a clear and full histogram bar either above or below to have an idea of the trend. If these bars are partial to either direction you will not have a clear reading of momentum and thus no Porsche Dots will be displayed.

Porsche Dots on Top =  Low momentum: This is where you will see pressure to the downside which means resistance. 

The Porsche Dots above the charts price indicator areas where price can trend down or sideways depending on volume. But these dots above indicator a negative pressure for the price and will lead to a difficult time moving higher. 

Trading with the Porsche Dots:

When looking for opportunities to trade using the ST Porsche Dots, you are going to want to follow the underlying or prevailing trend. This indicator works best when the strength is aligned with the trending market. For example,

Bullish Approach: 

As the momentum elevates above the zero line, you can typically see the price reflect this new found strength. Check out the way the price rises as if the momentum is acting as a booster to increase bullish trend.

Bearish to Neutral Approach: 

As the momentum falls, you can often find that the price which has been struggling to hold will fall in order to catch then next wave of strength. 

Purchasing the Porsche Dots: 

Hopefully, this article has helped answer some of your questions about this cool, space-saving indicator and you are ready to take the next step. 

You can purchase the indicator from our indicator store via the link below. 

Once you have purchased indicator you will be sent any supporting documentation and installation guides. If you are using Tradestation or Ninja Trader, we will need to authorize the indicator. More on this as you progress.

Buy the ST Porsche Dots Indicator here… 

Purchase Link:  https://my.simplertrading.com/product/porsche-dots/

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