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Simpler Trading Team

What is the Multi Squeeze Pro, multi-time frame / label indicator.

What is it?

The Multi Squeeze Pro is a multi label study allowing traders to see the current state of the Squeeze Pro on multiple higher time frames simultaneously.

Up to 18 labels on a chart are possible.

The Multi Squeeze Pro is having the different types of squeezes in play, and increases the probability that a symbol will have a price expansion when squeezes begin to fire.

What is it telling me?

Below, we see the Multi Squeeze Pro label study on top, and the Squeeze Pro on the bottom. Multi Squeeze Pro labels represent the current state of the squeeze in higher time frames and show along the top of the chart.

Labels in a squeeze colors are:
– Black (dark grey) for low compression squeezes
– Red for mid compression (regular) squeezes
– Orange for high compress squeeze
– Green – there is no squeeze currently in that time frame.

The colors of the Multi squeeze labels correspond to the colors of the dots in the separate Squeeze Pro indicator as shown below.

From the above screenshot, we know that there is a high compression squeeze in the 10 minute time frame and mid compression squeezes in several lower time frames (red labels).

The Multi-Squeeze indicator shows you, at a glance, where the opportunities for rapid price expansion are in the market.

How do we use it?

We all understand the power of trading with a squeeze. Price compression leads to price expansion and, as directional options traders, we need to take advantage of those opportunities when they arise.

We use the Multi-Squeeze Pro indicator as a way to get a snapshot, at a glance, to see how many, and on what time frames, a symbol may have a Squeeze Pro setup.

The strongest squeezes happen when there is a long-term squeeze, such as a weekly or daily, that has a nested shorter-term squeezes such as an hourly squeeze, a “squeeze within a squeeze”.

These setups can create cascades of directional buying or selling and very quickly be able to see and process a lot of information in many time frames via the Multi-Squeeze Pro Indicator.

Multi Squeeze Pro and Squeeze Pro are sold separately

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