How To Show Earnings on Thinkorswim Chart

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Display corporate actions like earnings and dividends in TOS / Thinkorswim

Earnings season is a big deal in the trading world. There are many ways to trade stocks during earnings. For example, if you think the stock is going to trade sideways into or after they report earnings, you could sell an iron condor. Just remember, no one knows how a stock will react to their earnings report, so its important to keep your risk small. A lot of traders avoid trading stocks through their earnings report, but will trade a run up into earnings, meaning the anticipation of earnings being good leads to the stock trading higher as earnings get closer. In order to see when a stock has earnings, you’ll want to enable settings to show earnings to your Thinkorswim chart.

Displaying corporate actions on the chart

To show earnings and corporate actions on your Thinkorswim charts, first start by opening the chart settings window. Click on equities and check “Show corporate actions” then Apply. From there, when you go back to your chart, you will see the earnings icon at the bottom of your price chart. If you don’t see it, try zooming out to a longer time frame, like the daily or weekly time frame. By adding corporate actions to your chart, you’ll also see when stock issues a dividend. To see details on the corporate action, just hover over the icon. For earnings, the icon will show when earnings occur, or will show earnings results if the date has passed. Hovering over the dividend icon will show how much the dividend is and when it will be paid out.

guide to setting up actions on a chart

Displaying actions in the calendar

Click on the Marketwatch tab.

Click on the Calendar sub-tab.

On the left side check which corporate action you want to display. 

Setting up earning graphic

Double-clicking on active icons from the calendar will open an info box with details on that particular corporate action.

You can also view the earnings calendar through the TD Ameritrade desktop website by following these instructions.

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