Earnings Hot Zone – Settings

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Configuration for Danielle’s earnings statistical time and price study.

Earning Hot Zone

Use statistics to backup a visual idea to get high probability moves going into earnings with Danielle’s pre and post earnings stats tool.


For TOS users, click on the edit studies icon or go to the Studies > Edit Studies menu.

Click on the settings gear to the right or the indicator’s name in the edit study window. The customization window will open.

Customizing the indicator

The inputs section allows for changing the display settings for Hot Zones / Clouds as well as customizing the number of days for the Hot Zones.

We do not recommend changing settings in the Plots section of the indicator.

Change colors settings in the Globals section.

Click on a color swatch next to the description to reveal the color picker.

Troubleshooting 1: Fit Studies

If the Earnings Hot Zone tool is not displaying correctly, you may want to adjust the price axis settings on the chart.

Reveal the Price Axis Menu by left clicking on its icon in the upper right of the chart.

Un-check fit studies.

Troubleshooting 2: Current Hot Zone not displaying:

If you are not seeing the current Hot Zone lines, then either:

1) The ticker is not within the 21 day Zone, or…

2) There are too few bars to the right in the settings.

If the current Hot Zone is not displaying AND you the ticker is within 21 days of earnings, increase the Expansion Area in the chart settings.

Go to Chart Settings > Time Axis > Expansion Area

Increase the number of bars to the right until the current earnings zones appear.

Increasing the room the indicator has on the right side of the chart will allow it to display correctly.

Troubleshooting 3: MMM displays N/A:

For the MMM and IV 1SD Move labels to display and produce horizontal support and resistance lines

  • Must be within the 21 day window to earnings
  • Sometimes market maker move data isn’t reported by TOS. If there is no data, the label will produce N/A.
  • Sometimes reloading the chart or giving the label a bit of time, it will display.
  • The data may not be available after regular market hours. Try reloading the chart during regular trading hours.
  • Any account with a delayed feed (paper trading accounts for example)… TOS may not provide future data for the label to display the #Day to ER, MMM, and IV 1SD labels.

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