Betting Big on Large Caps: An Update on Today’s Stock Market


Simpler Trading Team

Jun 27th 2023  .  6 min read

Markets Steady the Ship as They Eye Friday’s PCE Data

The US market began Tuesday’s session with minimal changes from Monday’s close. S&P 500 started on a positive note, albeit slightly, as the street anticipates the release of Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) data this Friday. In the global theater, Asian markets painted a mixed picture, with Japan’s Nikkei taking a downward slope while Chinese equity markets climbed higher on GDP growth expectations.

What Happened in the Market- Large-Caps Commanding the Spotlight

The stock market on Tuesday highlighted a recurring theme we’ve witnessed throughout 2023 – the consistent outperformance of large-cap stocks against their small-cap counterparts. The S&P 500, a prominent representative of the US large-cap stocks, has upheld its superior performance with an impressive year-to-date return exceeding 12%. On the other hand, the Russell 2000, a small-cap index, has registered a more conservative gain of just over 3%.

This ongoing pattern of outperformance by large-cap stocks is largely rooted in the robust performances of technology titans with significant exposure to artificial intelligence advancements. Their influence has effectively steered the S&P 500’s trajectory, overshadowing the smaller players in the market.

However, this market dynamic is not set in stone. With the US economy transitioning through the latter half of the Fed’s tightening cycle and poised to emerge on the other side, a shift in equity market leadership is foreseeable. We might expect to see more balanced performances with cyclical asset classes, such as US small-cap stocks gaining some ground.

 Day’s Top Performers and Underperformers

A detailed look at Tuesday’s market performance reveals a few stand-out stocks that have outshone their peers. Generac (GNRC), for instance, witnessed a significant surge, with shares shooting up by 9.71%. This spike was attributed to increased demand for generators triggered by a Texas heatwave. Similarly, Carnival (CCL) and Newell Brands (NWL) found themselves at the top of the standings, the former due to analysts raising targets following earnings and the latter due to an uptick in consumer discretionary stocks.

However, the market was not all sunshine and roses for everyone. Illumina (ILMN), a San Diego-based diagnostics firm, faced a downward slide, shedding over 4% of its value. This was largely due to the company’s recent announcement of a reduction in headcount.

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Economic Reporting- Navigating the Economic Landscape Amid Fed Decisions

One of the main economic narratives threading through Tuesday’s market was the Federal Reserve’s decision to maintain its interest rates, currently pegged within the 5.0 – 5.25% range. The central bank’s choice to hit the pause button on rate hikes, despite the persistent inflation rates that hover well above their long-term 2% target, introduces a new layer of complexity to the economic landscape.

The Federal Reserve has been vocal about its commitment to restoring price stability, hinting at probable future rate hikes. This tightrope walk performed by the Fed has been reverberating across the economy, with visible impact zones in areas such as manufacturing and labor market conditions.

These monetary policy shifts are setting the stage for an anticipated rise in market volatility as we move closer to the end of the Fed’s tightening cycle. Yet, it’s not all doom and gloom. This period of uncertainty is not expected to push equity markets to retest their 2022 lows.

Tuesday also saw treasuries grapple with losses following the release of better-than-expected economic data. The 2-yr note yield experienced an upswing of two basis points, settling at 4.76%. Meanwhile, the 10-yr note yield rose by five basis points, ending at 3.77%. These shifts underscore the ongoing influence of the broader economic landscape on the treasury markets.

Market Close

As the day wound down and the closing bell echoed in the hallowed halls of Wall Street, the market displayed an impressive performance that was largely in the green. With financial headlines filled with growth, it seems the market provided a spectacular show for all market participants.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) finished the trading day at 33,941.36, up 226.65 points, demonstrating resilience in the face of uncertainty. This index, often seen as a representation of the larger economic picture, proved that its powerhouses are far from backing down.

The S&P 500 Index, a key measure of market health, also enjoyed a positive outing. The index closed at 4,379.09, up 50.27 points, echoing the bullish sentiment that pervaded the market throughout the day.

The technology-laden NASDAQ Composite didn’t shy away from the day’s rally either. The index ended the session at 13,561.24, gaining 225.46 points. This advancement signifies the continued faith in tech sector’s ability to drive growth.

The US 30 concluded the day at 33,935.80, gaining 221.1 points. This rise is a promising sign of continued strength in the nation’s largest publicly owned corporations.

In contrast, the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), known as the “fear gauge,” declined by 0.60 points, closing at 13.65. This decrease in the VIX, typically inversely related to market performance, suggests that market participants were less fearful and more confident in the current market environment.