Getting Your Head on Straight

The 7 Inches That Separates Losers from the Winners

Tuesday, April 26th
from 7:00 - 8:00 PM Central

Join John Carter in this Free Webinar as he reveals the catalyst that took him from struggling beginner, to the consistently profitable 7 figure trader he is today.

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In this FREE webinar you'll discover...

Mind Over Matter
  • Why total newbie traders have a massive advantage over grizzled veterans when they learn THIS simple (yet critical) mindset hack.
  • How to avoid the hidden mental trap that seduces you into buying tops and selling bottoms (and what to do instead to trade strategically).
  • How to erase the seemingly innocent habits that sabotage your trades and always, always lead to painful losses.
  • The essential attitude tweak that can stack the odds of success in your favor (and why you'll almost certainly fail if you don't do this).
  • The ONE habit that separates the top 10% of traders who consistently make money from the 90% who blow up their accounts over and over again.
  • How to break through stubborn profit 'plateaus' and eliminate any self-imposed limits on your account growth.
  • How even beginners with small accounts can avoid needless losses and be positioned to enjoy extraordinary gains when high probability setups come along.

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