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Join John F. Carter and Raghee Horner to discover how traders with over 50 years combined experience are preparing to take advantage of the upcoming election chaos.

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Learn sane ways to trade the election turmoil.

While the world obsesses over the ‘dead heat’ U.S. presidential polls, savvy traders are taking steps to profit from the inevitable hysteria. Now is the time to prepare because this election could be the most significant catalyst to hit the markets since the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Historic Moves: Why those who get positioned correctly stand to make extraordinary gains very quickly
  • Powder Keg: How pent-up pressure in the U.S. markets could unleash a chain-reaction around the world (again)
  • Hidden Eight Year Cycle: The profound impact a little-known historical cycle could have on stocks, bonds, and currencies
  • No Country for Safe Money: Where will scared money go if the U.S. is no longer the world’s financial ‘safe haven’?
  • Keep Calm and Make Bank: How to spot high probability setups even when everyone else completely freaks out (without having to be a daredevil)
  • Equal Opportunist: Low risk option strategies for catching explosive volatility (whether markets go up or down)
  • Perfect Storm: Why the next 90 days could offer ideal conditions to rapidly grow a small account
  • Black Swan Profits: What Brexit, Grexit, and the Chinese devaluation reveal about how to exploit major chaos in a sane way
  • Epic Paradox: How to prepare for potential meltdown even though market is at all-time highs.