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We’ve taught thousands of traders over the past 10+ years. The most consistently successful have a strong foundation in trading basics. That’s why Simpler Essentials focuses on these critical core skills and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks that you can consume at your own pace. Our commitment is to deliver the best trading education while being responsive to your feedback.

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Get to know your trading mentors! Discover your favorite traders’ chart setups, trading plans, strategies, and more.

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Every Monday someone from our team shares their watchlist for the week.

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Simpler Essentials is designed to hand you the essential trading knowledge our team had to learn the hard way. Everything inside your membership is delivered in bite-sized chunks.

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Follow the 101 on trading options, stocks, and futures to psychology and money management tips from the pros – for all skill levels.

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One of the most important things when learning to trade is having trading mentors. We don’t want you to waste your time on trial and error trying to find an experienced trader you can trust. Let our seasoned pros guide you in the direction that best suits your trading goals.

What people are saying

"I really have learned a lot from your simpler essentials videos and the rest of the team's videos. Seeing you guys go through things in TOS and explain...thought the traders were speaking a different language in the room until I went through the essentials options track."

-Michele G.