How to Set a Custom Time Frame in TOS


Simpler Trading Team

Jul 15th 2022  .  1 min read

Setting a Custom Time Frame

Go to the Charts tab in TOS.

Go to charts graphic

Choose the aggregation period drop-down above the chart.

1 minute timeframe

Choose Customize list.

Customize list

Alternatively, you can choose the Time frame setup from the Style drop-down.

Another way to set a custom timeframe graphic

Add a new custom time frame.

Add time frame

For an intraday time frame, click on Intraday. For daily and higher, click on Daily.

Choose how much data will load for that time frame from the Time interval drop-down.

Choose the time frame for your chart from the Aggregation period.

Add time frame

Click Add.

Select "add" to enter time frame

Your new time frame will appear on the left.

Click OK to close the window.

Apply the time frame

You can now select your new time frame from the Time frame setup drop-down above the chart.

Create a custom timeframe