How to Place My First Trade: Puts


Mirza Catic

Jul 08th 2022  .  3 min read

Video Guide on Trading Put Options

To navigate your way to the options chain, click on the “Trade” tab at the top of your screen (it’s between ‘Monitor’ and ‘Analyze’). This will populate multiple options chains with different expirations listed in chronological order.

How to buy put options: navigating options chain

If you’ve never utilized the options chain, it will load up a default of 4 strikes that you’re able to view. What you want is to change that number to expose more relevant strikes that can be used in your trading analysis. In the video, the example we use is 20!

How to buy put options: loading default strikes.

The left side of the chain will show calls, the right side will show puts. For this example let’s bring our attention over to the right side of the chain!

We will be focusing on the 170 strikes put. To cue the put up, right-click on the options row, hover over “BUY,” and then click “Single.”

How to buy put options: image focusing on the 170 strikes.

This will cue up the order window at the bottom of the screen. ** Make sure to adjust your quantity to your desired size. Most likely it will start with a default of 10, and that could possibly be an inappropriate position size for you. **

As far as the order type goes, we do a limit order in the video. The reason for using a limit order is that it protects you from paying more than desired on the particular trade. If we were to use a market order, the ideal scenario is we get filled within the bid and the ask, but oftentimes (especially in volatility) you can get a really bad fill that diminishes the risk/reward of the trade upon entry.

How to buy put options: conducting a limit order image.

After we get the order ready, the next step is to send it! Upon clicking confirm and send, an order window will pop up. It might look a bit more intimidating than it truly is.

When buying a put, the max loss you can take on the trade is the price you paid for it. Theoretically, your max profit on the trade is the price shown should the underlying financial instrument that the option is a derivative of would continue its way to $0 in value. After a quick look at the order window, it takes one more click of “Send” and your order is sent!

How to buy put options: confirmation image.

To view your position, you can either click on the “Position” tab at the bottom of the screen, or on the “Monitor” tab right next to the “Trade” tab to view your position.

Both give you the same info, so whatever works for you!

Position Tab:

How to buy put options: view position

Monitor Tab:

view position

Now we’re ready to close the trade! We will navigate back to the options chain, highlight that same strike, and now we will choose “SELL” instead of “BUY” and then choose “Single.”

This will populate the order window similar to how it was before, but now it will be colored red.

How to buy put options: ready to trade image

Now it is time to confirm and send the order! Congrats on completing your first put option trade.