About Dr. John Clayburg

John Clayburg graduated from Iowa State University in 1971 with the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After the demise of his partnership in a large animal practice in his home town of Coon Rapids, Iowa – brought about by the ag crisis of the 1980’s – he and his wife Karen decided to raise their kids on the family farm rather than seek another practice.

In the process of marketing various agricultural commodities Dr. Clayburg became interested in the markets and charting, first on graph paper using prices written down from local radio broadcasts and eventually using online data and the TradeStation platform.

Dr. Clayburg soon learned EasyLanguage and began programming on the TradeStation platform and became a solution provider for Omega Research which has recently morphed into TradeStation Securities.

His book, Four Steps to Trading Success was published in 2001. A second book on automated systems is in the works. He has delivered multiple programming and trading presentations at major trade conferences in the US, Europe, and the Far East, as well as online.

John now concentrates on the creation and trading of automated, self-optimizing trading strategies which are designed to adjust critical system variables on the fly in real time to keep his systems in sync with the ever changing personalities of today’s volatile markets.

Specialties Creating and Trading Automated Self-Optimizing Trading Systems

  • Simpler Sentiment - Weekly Wrap Up 10/21/16

    Simpler Sentiment - Weekly Wrap Up 10/21/16

    The VIX has fallen considerably on the week, pushing down from a high around 17 on Monday to 13.33 now, its lowest in two weeks. The VXST, the 9 day Voalitlity Index, is all the way down at 10.65, on pace for its lowest since September 7. The VIX closely follows the actual volatility of the SPX, which is down below 9 percent.
  • Lessons From The Day After the Crash of 87

    Lessons From The Day After the Crash of 87

    So the story goes, my good friend Rick C. a cash bond trader in New York calls me the night of October 19th and tells me to get to work early Tuesday morning. They sold stocks and bought bonds in the final hour of trade. The bond futures will be locked limit in Chicago and all the shorts will have to come to LIFFE to get out.
  • The Role Of Psychology In Trading

    The Role Of Psychology In Trading

    According to Dr. Tharp, the psychological outlook and an individual’s way of thinking towards trading is the most important factor for success. The fact that the actual trading strategy is ranked the least important by Dr. Tharp, suggests that regardless of how successful a strategy is, psychology is the key to being successful.