John Clayburg

John Clayburg
VP, Automated Trading Strategies

Trading Profile: Aggressive, Entirely Self-optimized day trading systems, Author and Programmer, Technical analysis + Trend following, Intraday Setups

Recommended for: Intermediate and advanced traders who would like to use an automatic trading system that will trade a variety of options and futures products and have at least $10,000 in an account that they can devote to the system.

About Doc: He has spent years perfecting his automatic trading system. While it is automatic, it does need to be monitored during the day. John now concentrates on the creation and trading of automated, self-optimizing trading strategies which are designed to adjust critical system variables on the fly in real time to keep his systems in sync with the ever-changing personalities of today’s volatile markets. Doc gives his market analysis in our Gold Room on a weekly basis.

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