Bruce Marshall

Bruce began his career working for a Wall Street firm on a bond desk after the Crash of ’87. He spent several years trading bonds until he switched to the equity side which developed his love of trading equities and options early on. He traded IPO’s, secondaries, and preferred’s. In the early days, he actually had to hand write “tickets” to buy and sell securities.

Over the years, he has worked for several Wall Street firms managing institutional money as well as retail accounts. Bruce developed skills for options and the Income-style trading as a result of continuously trading through the Gulf War, the bubble, 911, the Economic Crisis of 2008, the Flash Crash, as well as many other milestones. Bruce’s passion for teaching led him to be a mentor and coach to many fellow financial consultants.

Trade Experience: 27 Years Professional and Retail Trading

Equities, Options, Greeks, and Risk Management