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Get automatic trade alerts, live sessions, and more from Jon Mckeever, Aka “Tr3ndy Jon.”

This membership is designed to help you master supply and demand trading with Tr3ndy Jon’s precise methodology.

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Automatic Alerts

Jon’s trade alerts are automated. You’ll receive the exact trades he takes in his account with opening and closing orders.

Daily Live Trading Sessions

Get daily live and interactive trading sessions with Q&A and more from Jon.

Get Started Training

A series of sessions designed to help traders new to Jon's methodology quickly get up to speed with him.

Discover the power of precise supply and demand setups in Tr3ndy Jon’s supportive trading community.

Discover a robust process that incorporates defined risk, targeted strategies, and exceptional market analysis. Follow Jon as he combines the proprietary use of trend following, supply and demand charting, and Fibonacci measurements to pre-plan precise entries and exits.

Looking for a trading community?
No question is too small, and no answer is too big. No matter what it is, any Tr3ndy trader would be happy to help.

Want consistency?
With a focus on transparency and “service over self,” Jon aims to guide members to consistent profitability using his proven methodology.

Need a proven system?
Eliminate emotional trading by using a proprietary process that can be back tested and proven back to the market’s inception.

Daily Live Trading Sessions

Slow down the market’s emotional rollercoaster with a trading plan that focuses on consistency (no matter the news).

This is your opportunity to trade with Jon in real-time as he live trades in his strategy room multiple times a day. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery than to interact with Jon, ask him any questions that may arise, and watch his screen as he looks for setups during market hours. Thanks to his systemic rules, Jon provides both day trading and longer-term/swing setups for multiple asset classes. His goal is to show you how you can master systemic trading Monday through Friday. With Jon sharing his insights, you can confidently navigate the complex world of trading and develop your skills.


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