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Have you noticed that seasoned pros seem to make a fortune in any market condition? Most traders are confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting market “insights” they get from all directions. And yet the media and so-called market experts that give their “insights” are wrong again and again.

You don't need them. What you need are timely, actionable insights from a seasoned trader who uses their own account.

That’s why Joe Rokop is firing up his exclusive report, The Strike Zone.

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Who’s Joe Rokop?

Joe is the Managing Director of Commodities and Equities at Simpler Trading. He started his trading career 15+ years ago fresh out of college. He cut his teeth on the NYMEX floor and before long he became highly successful on the commercial side and helped develop high-frequency trading algorithms. All along, he traded his own account using his intimate knowledge of how institutional volume drives the biggest moves in the markets.

That in-the-trenches experience gives Joe a serious edge over retail players. He not only knows how to target the most consequential trends, he also knows to avoid costly fake moves that wipe out so many public traders’ accounts.

As you’ll discover, successful trading is so much easier when you simply trade in sync with institutional order flow. Joe understands that most traders have never experienced both the retail and institutional side of the markets. However, he knows there’s a critical need for that kind of actionable intel.

That’s why Joe’s designed The Strike Zone to deliver a concise yet highly informative market briefing that focuses on select stock indices and commodities.The Strike Zone brings you the bi-weekly perspective of a seasoned and successful trader. Joe will let you know what to expect in the S&P 500, the DOW, the Nasdaq, Crude Oil, and Gold.

Each issue is like an executive intel briefing. You’ll quickly absorb everything you need to know in 20 minutes or less.

If a major trend is developing, you’ll be among the first to know. Equally important, if there’s no clear trend, you’ll know to adjust your strategy to profit from choppy price ranges instead.

Most of the trading public has no idea what’s really happening in the markets — but you will.

Each issue, the goal is to broadcast Joe’s unique perspective directly to you. Don't worry about watching hours of news or pouring over countless charts. In a matter of minutes, each month, you’ll see the market through the eyes of a seasoned institutional trader.

Even better, you’ll have the best of both worlds: Proven technical insights as well as evidence-based fundamental information, all filtered through Joe’s analysis and handed to you in brief form.

Intel and insights are not about opinions or theory. In addition to his forward-looking analysis, Joe breaks down specific trades in each issue so you’ll get the benefit of seeing exactly how he trades these markets. Like this NQ short signal that generated $10,500.00…

NQ Trade

You’ll discover how Joe repeatedly doubles and triples his capital (and more). Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you’ll gain an edge that you can apply to your own trades.

Here’s What’s Included in Each Bi-Weekly Issue

Executive Briefing: Right from the top of each issue you’ll immediately know what’s happening in the market from Joe’s unique perspective. While everyone else listens to talking heads in the financial media, you’ll have a seasoned traders take at your fingertips.
State of the Market: When you want to dive deeper, turn to Joe’s overview of the forces moving the market. Over time, when you talk about what you expect to see in the market, your friends, family, and colleagues will stop and listen to what you have to say. You’ll be up to speed on each of the five markets Joe follows like they’ve never been seen before…
Hot Topics: Every day the news drowns us like a never ending fire hose spewing noise and confusion. That can be overwhelming and lead to bad decisions. Instead, as a subscriber to The Strike Zone, you’ll be able to focus on ONE hot topic that deserves your attention filtered through Joe’s 15+ years of trading. Don’t be surprised if you’re way ahead of the curve on these hot topics. By the time everyone else talks about them around the bar, it’s old hat to you.
Market Analysis: Next you’ll scroll down your issue of The Strike Zone to read up on what Joe’s seeing in the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, as well as Crude Oil and Gold. This is where the big institutional money drives the trends and Joe knows them all like the back of his hand because not that long ago he was trading inside those very large institutions.
Keep an Eye On: There’s a time to be aggressive and a time to step back and read the writing on the wall. You don’t want to get caught flat footed when the market gets hit with a downturn. There’s no better way to see bearish factors from a mile away than when you’re seeing what the institutional money is doing through Joe’s eyes. No matter how much success you’re having in the market, be sure to pause and see what’s on the horizon.
Stocks Picks: The financial media is chock full of stock picks and watch lists. But they’re not traders in most cases. That’s why Joe will share specific stocks that he’s watching closely, they’re on his radar for a reason. In each issue you’ll get the full scoop on what he likes (and doesn’t) about specific, actionable tickers.
History: It’s a cliche that those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it but that doesn’t make it any less true. In this section of each issue you’ll gain the kind of insights that is rarely found anywhere else. This is where you get the context for what’s happening so that you’re two steps ahead of the market by seeing the bigger picture.
What’s Ahead: While everyone else is dazed and confused by the news, you’ll have a concise guide to the economic calendar. That gives you an eagle’s eye view of what the Fed and other influential actors are up to well in advance so you’re not caught off guard. As with each other section, Joe’s doing hours of legwork so you can reap the benefits in just minutes.
Trade Examples: There’s no better way to learn than having a pro break down trades in detail. You’ll see Joe’s workspace and the specific entry and exits he took to gain a deep understanding of each case study. This section is where you’ll see how Joe takes action on the intel he shares in each issue of The Strike Zone. This one section alone is priceless. It’s the culmination of 15+ years of experience and available to you inside each bi-weekly issue.

Each concise issue lets you stay on top of the market in less than half an hour. You’ll have Joe in your corner to give you his analysis of what’s happened, what’s going to happen, and how he’s trading each opportunity.

But don’t take our word for how valuable Joe’s insights are…

Here’s What Fellow Traders Have Said About Joe:


Pleasure watching you trade. learning a lot. My account is loving it as well  - Mart Trades” 

- Mart Trades

You've been great, Joe really impressed and glad to learn from you. much thanks


Thanks JR, the markets dont always cooperate and it was very insightful to see how you handle it.

- PT

Thank you for everything Joe, I'm going to study hard on all that I have learned. You're an awesome teacher.

- Brian T.

I am new  and I really appreciate your alerts - they are clear. I am doing the Micros Thank you!

- Tania

This is your opportunity to have Joe Rokop’s analysis work for you! There’s no substitute for 15+ years of successful in-the-trenches trading experience.

If you want concise, actionable insights on the stock and commodity markets that you can absorb in under 30 minutes, join The Strike Zone Report Today.

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