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"Let me help you overcome wild, news-driven market swings by repeatedly trading 5-Star Options for consistent income."


5-Star Options Income Plan

$497 ($2,385 Value)

Pre-Recorded Strategy Class: 4+ Hours (Immediate Download) ($797 Value)

Bonus: Kickstart to Trading 2020 Session 2 on Monday, January 6th from 4PM - 6PM CT ($497 Value)

Bonus: Exclusive Live Trading Session on Tuesday, January 7th from 8:30AM - 10:30AM CT ($497 Value)

Bonus: 2 Psychology Sessions with Danielle Shay and John Carter (Immediate Download) ($594 Value)

If you want consistent profits in a volatile market you’ve got to be much more precise with each trade. The days of blindly “buying the dip” and taking profits are over.

That’s why Danielle Shay developed her 5-Star Options Income Plan, which helped her earn a reputation for cranking out consistent gains and adapting to extreme market volatility.

Danielle developed her 5-Star Options Income Plan out of necessity. As a teacher and a single mom, she didn’t have time to babysit unpredictable trades. So she developed a strategy to find, target, and profit from high-probability trades without watching the market all day. She learned to avoid risk and max out her repeat profit potential by concentrating on her favorite 5-Star list of tickers. And now she wants to share that with you.

Danielle’s 5-Star Options setups offer the “best bang for your buck” and are so simple they can work even if you’ve struggled with options until now.

Everyone is looking for a reliable way to crank out some consistent gains (especially after all the holiday shopping). The timing for this strategy is perfect if you want to pocket solid weekly income with minimal risk while starting the new trading year off on the right foot.

Danielle will cover:

How to exploit a "newbie simple" 5-star setup to produce reliable weekly income

When to avoid buying options like the plague (and when to go for windfall profits)

Rebuilding your account? 5-Star Setups can offer the 'Best Bank for Your Buck'

When it's possible to "rinse and repeat" to hit profit goals

Why this strategy is especially fantastic for part-time traders with smaller accounts

BONUS: Kickstart to Trading 2020 Session ($497 Value)

Monday, January 6th, 4:00 - 6:00 pm CT

While the 5-Star Options Income Plan strategy has proven successful in multiple market conditions across the calendar year… it’s designed to crush the first month of the new year.

That’s why Danielle’s hosting a “Kickstart to Trading 2020” session at the start of January. We believe this deep dive session will provide you with the opportunity to not only see how effective the 5-Star Options Income Plan is during January, but also to show you exactly

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how to start the new trading year off on the right foot every year. This session is designed so you don’t miss a beat when kicking off the New Year.

Live Trading with Danielle Shay

BONUS: Exclusive Live Trading Session

($497 Value)

Tuesday, January 7th, 8:30 - 10:30 am CT

This is your opportunity to live-trade with Danielle. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your mastery of the 5-Star Options Income Plan strategy than to interact with Danielle as she looks for her 5-Star setups that offer the best bang for your buck during her most profitable month of the year (January).

Live-trading offers the fastest way to ‘make these tools your own’ because you get to immediately apply them in real market conditions. As always, our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for your investment in your tools (obviously, no promises).

BONUS: 2 Exclusive Psychology Sessions ($594 Value)

The first of these exclusive trading psychology sessions is a 1-hour pre-recorded session with Danielle. During this session she covers the essential keys to mastering your trading mindset. A disciplined trading mindset is crucial for long-term success. This pairs nicely with John Carter’s 1-hour pre-recorded session which is also included. John knows that few things are harder than managing a profitable trade as it turns into a big winner. So during his session, he shares details on how to train your brain for bigger gains, just like his million dollar TSLA trade.

These sessions together are pivotal to a trader’s success as learning to master your emotions by following proven trader psychology principles is critical when taking your results to the next level.

Exclusive Psychology Sessions

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“You are the best Danielle. Your passion to help others and teaching capabilities are authentic and effective. Game changing opportunity.”

-  Dan R.

"Awesome class @danielleshay, I love hearing you go through your process out loud for us. Gives me a great idea of what to look for and how to think, thank you."


"This class was especially awesome because you pulled so many parts of options trading together! TYVM"

-Brad from PHX

Danielle Shay Director of Options


Danielle is a market analyst, trader and expert commentator. She’s the Director of Options and the head of Simpler Foundation at Simpler Trading. As a former teacher, her goal is to help traders grasp the basics that make trading simpler — no matter their skill level. She has the keen ability to relay trading information in small tangible bits where even the ‘best’ of traders will find her insights useful and easy to understand. Her primary focus is on trend-following, directional strategies via options trading, though she covers stocks and ETFs as well.

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