New to Forex Trading? Looking for a simpler way to learn about what you’ll need to trade currencies from around the world?

Join Raghee Horner in The Simpler Forex Kickstart

Circle Head - Raghee

Whether you’re new to trading, new to Forex, or
looking to learn all about the foreign exchange market…
this is the training bundle designed to help you learn
how to successfully trade Forex.

Quickstart To How To Win at Forex

This bundle contains not one, but two in-depth trading courses. The first one is Raghee’s “Quickstart To How To Win at Forex.” In this online video training, Raghee gives you a quick dive into the world of forex trading.

You’ll discover Raghee’s key elements that are needed in order to trade. Plus, tips that are designed to provide an edge in the largest and most liquid asset market on earth. These are the basics to understanding, trading, and managing risk in forex.

Forex 101

Raghee’s “Forex 101” class is designed to jumpstart your foreign currency trading plan with a bold combination of rock-solid training and strategies.

Raghee cuts through all the training lingo and jumps straight to identifying profitable Forex trade setups.This course is designed to speed up the learning curve and follows the path that Raghee took in her own Forex trading career.

Here's what Raghee covers:


Details from buy positions to short positions to uptrends to downtrends (and many more need-to-know concepts)

Daily tactics to leverage predictable time and price movement patterns

Raghee’s “A-B-C-D” Macro Cycle Chart that’s designed to help you easily understand key factors of worldwide economic cycles

How to determine precise trade entries and
exits in the Forex market

Explanations on how she uses her indicators (including GRaB Candles and 34 EMA)

Strategies to leverage small accounts for
larger positions across currencies

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