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May 9 at 3:30PM CT: Trading with the Trader’s Almanac

Join Henry Gambell and Jeff Hirsch – The Stock Trader’s Almanac is a staple of Henry’s trading plan. What was the process, and why should traders consider this now? Discover how to get the most of this trading power tool.

May 21 at 3:30PM CT: Big Picture Outlook: with John Carter & Tom Sosnoff

It’s an election year, so what better time to have a fireside chat with two giants in the retail trading world? What’s their macro narrative? How does that impact their trading decisions, etc. Most importantly, how their experience trading several of these moments in time can benefit you.
Stock Trader's Almanac (Annual) Membership
This membership provides valuable insights and analysis for traders and investors. Discover the data-driven market research, seasonal patterns, historical data, and market analysis that help members make informed decisions about their investments.
Simpler Central (Annual) Memberships
The Simpler Central trading room is a powerful combination of asset classes that the Simpler Team (and our members) actually trade! Follow our traders as they tackle futures, options, ETF, trading, stocks and so much more. This membership also comes with access to the Simpler Essentials room, which is dedicated to helping you build your trading foundation across asset classes.
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A 3-night stay at John Carter’s Ranch in Wimberly
John Carter's Ranch is a picturesque property situated in the Texas Hill Country. It offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by natural beauty.

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