Simpler Trading Premium Reports

Our Premium Reports are designed to help you get a deeper look and analysis into the markets from industry experts with decades of experience. These detailed reports will give you an analysis of what’s happened, what’s going to happen, and how to trade each opportunity.

MEM Edge Report


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Join Simpler’s Senior Managing Director of Equities, Mary Ellen McGonagle, as she uses her ‘in the trenches’ experience to provide you with detailed research reports that point out key market drivers to give you the confidence to take action through the MEM Edge Report. Now she wants to share that knowledge with you.


Market action

Report entry & exit recommendations

Intra-week alerts


This Week in the Markets



Save hours on your market analysis by having a professional trader do it for you. Sam Shames' detailed report walks you through every market including indices, sectors, stocks, and commodities in order to give you a better idea of where the markets are going in the week ahead. If you trade Options, Stocks, Futures, Forex, or Crypto, you'll want this report.


Full overview of all markets, bonds, commodities, and sectors

Sam's weekly watchlist of what stocks and sectors to go long or short

Story of the Week which includes an easy-to-understand, comprehensive game plan for the week