Yesterday Is Gone… Focus On Today’s Gains


Simpler Trading Team

May 07th 2021  .  2 min read

Where are all the explosive moves?

Lately, they’ve been all over the place in the market.

The difficulty has been finding the right setup to take advantage of these moves and add to the trading account.

All the negatives in this market provide focus for this team member. He sees the pressures and challenges as an opportunity to excel.

(There is nothing more valuable at Simpler Trading than our biggest asset — our people. The information, resources, and experience our traders deliver reaches around the world. Our “Friday Feature” is a highlight of the newsletter where we present elements of the Simpler community making an impact.)

The Simpler Trading Team relates to a variety of people on many levels.

Maybe because they dropped out of high school. Or because they started a business as a teenager. Maybe because they followed in their family’s footsteps of pursuing the challenge of trading at an early age. Or maybe it’s because they dig in, listen, study, and learn from successful traders open to mentoring them. They never stop learning.

The Simpler Trading Team also relates to many people because they are open to helping other traders and they show them how they developed a mindset and method to trading quickly (often in under an hour) and profitably.

For them yesterday is long gone, and what lies ahead today in the market is their sole focus.

The Simpler Trading Team constantly pursues balance in their personal life and as traders. Negative is not allowed and they maintain an internal strength fueled by a mind and spirit of calm and patience. They maximize this personal strength in their trading with practical applications of useful tools and well-planned setups that fit a sound, repeatable trading plan.

The Simpler Trading Team are “those traders” other traders seek out when trying to piece together a balanced style of navigating any market. They know there is always room for improvement, and they’re always ready to share that better version of themselves to inspire others.

We Saw: Market finishing week positive across the board — 

  • Small businesses facing heavier tax burden
  • More business opening as lockdowns ease
  • Small businesses searching for more employees

We’re Watching: For a steady rally to the upside —

  • Internal patterns signaling bears rising in summer
  • Following best advice: stick with the basics
  • Short-term setups that keep the account balanced