Win In ‘Messy Market’ With Nimble Strategy


Simpler Trading Team

2 min read

This market has forced many traders to become more nimble and, at times, step out of their comfort zone to pursue profitable trades.

In a volatile market that keeps throwing curveballs and doesn’t show signs of settling into a smoother rhythm, what is working for traders?

Simpler’s traders readily return to what has worked in almost any market over decades.

We founded our training and strategies on keeping things “simpler” and we practice what we promote. Simpler’s traders work to avoid getting caught up in messy markets like this by having quick and simple techniques that adapt when the market changes.

Traders can hope this market stops changing, but that “hopism” won’t add to the trading account balance.

It makes sense to follow flexible strategies that can:

  • Take advantage of price and volatility in one simple setup
  • Spot profitable opportunities in shifting markets
  • Walk away from “babysitting charts” on a screen
  • Use an alternative, inexpensive way to hedge for risk
  • Follow patterns for double-digit returns in volatility

Isn’t it time to stop hoping and swinging for the long shots?

Instead, put together a plan to protect against getting stuck on the opposite side of market moves like most traders.

This is an essential strategy to have right now to avoid getting stuck in messy markets.

We Saw: Mixed, flat session with major indexes settling into red – 

  • Corn pops, drops and commodities take hits
  • Insightful businesses pivoting to maintain relevance, profits
  • Speculation over future earnings “blowout” results

We’re Watching: What we’re holding to stay flat, cash strong –

  • For chart patterns with a spark of profit potential
  • Opportunities to broaden portfolio with variety of assets
  • Winners and losers in GameStop (GME) trading games