Will Big Turn In Market Wreck Accounts?


Simpler Trading Team

Aug 18th 2021  .  2 min read

Is a big turn brewing in the market?

Yesterday the market tumbled across the board and today the bleeding continued.

The most urgent question Simpler’s team is fielding: “Is this market going to crash?”

The news and accompanying negative events are heralding plenty of reasons to expect a pullback. News media deal in what “should” happen.

The consensus among Simpler’s traders is not to rely on media opinions or other traders’ emphatic suppositions (or outright superstitions) about what “should” happen.

Here are some questions to ask as this wildly choppy market rolls along toward something bigger:

  • Is “buy the dip” over or is there more “gas in the tank” for new highs?
  • What is the force driving this market that most traders don’t “get?”
  • Is it time to take profits if long the Nasdaq and look into shorts?
  • How to remove all emotion from trading and focus on objective signals?
  • How to time reversals with precision to catch a big turn?

These are questions the Simpler team works to answer daily in training and trading sessions. The market always sends signals… but deciphering those signals for profit is the challenge.

Expectations are that current volatility is likely here to stay. Simpler’s team wants to find answers to questions swirling about this market and take advantage of big turns in a low-risk way.

We Saw: Bleeding continue as major indexes fall –

  • Signs economy sputtering as inflation rises
  • Trucking industry struggling to fill driver positions
  • Fed wringing hands over rise of stablecoins

We’re Watching: Signals of a big turn, selling ahead –

  • If market reverses… for how long before another rally?
  • Staying cautious into any earnings runs
  • Digging into technicals for an edge into volatility