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The master of the trade, entrepreneur, and founder of Simpler Trading – John Carter – has committed his time and energy to teach his trading principles and philosophies to retail traders who need a community where they can grow along the journey.

John believes that the way to financial freedom through the markets is available to anyone willing to learn. He also understands the best way to grow and to discover your own philosophy is to join together with like-minded traders and mentors.

John is our “Friday Feature” this week at Simpler Trading.

At Simpler Trading, our biggest asset is our people. The community of traders at Simpler motivates John to become a better trader and then give back by teaching those skills through real-time analysis in live trading rooms, classes, communities, and alerts.

John doesn’t remember a time when he was not fascinated by the markets. He sees them as telling the story of what is really going on in the world. And, he loves the entrepreneurial journey involved in starting and growing an increasingly successful business. When John began trading, he discovered early that solid, customer-focused trading education programs were difficult to find.

Simpler Trading started with John trading while watching his goldfish in his home office. Simpler now has more than 100 employees and recently made Inc. Magazine‘s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, as well as a mention in the Top 50 Best Places to Work list in the Austin Business Journal.

In the heat of market volatility last year, John closed a $5 million trade in Google. This is the largest trade of his career and follows a $1 million trade in Google a few weeks earlier. The milestone followed his 2020 pattern of multiple million-dollar trades in Tesla. John’s first-ever million-dollar trade a decade ago prompted his best-selling book, “Mastering The Trade,” and last year he more than quadrupled his trading account, even in the midst of a pandemic.

John’s “gold standard” of trading follows the squeeze signal across multiple time frames so he can be alerted when a stock price is likely to move higher on larger than usual trading volume. He built his career and community around this central focus that is backed by decades of trading experience.

The approach of John’s vision is one of community and mentorship. Simpler Trading brings together a collection of expert traders who educate others simply because they care about the prosperity of those who want more.

John’s trading strategy combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view to lead him to fast-moving, profitable trades. John continues to follow his “keeping it Simpler” philosophy – a steadfast focus that drives everything in our trading community.

Simpler Trading has assembled a team of successful, full-time traders in options, stocks, forex, and futures with more than 100 years of combined market experience. They have expanded John’s vision of sharing the most advanced tips, trades, and theories in real-time while trading their own money. The goal is for traders to learn how to master the market on their own terms.

Whether you’ve been trading for weeks or for years there is likely a mentor at Simpler Trading for you.

Follow this experience with John Carter and Simpler Trading to advance your trading journey.

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