Trading ‘Secret’ Closer, Simpler Than You Think


Simpler Trading Team

3 min read

So much has taken place this week in the market from a sudden nosedive erasing profits to rapid rallies pushing the stock market to highs not seen since before the pandemic.

This roller coaster makes it challenging for traders to focus on any single way to “play” the market.

Who do you listen to?

How do you adjust to sudden twists?

What’s the “right way” to trade?

Important questions… and you may not like the answer.

Trading in any environment — slow, grinding directional trend or uncertain, erratic volatility — depends on one person.


Not the “hot pick” of the day. Not the news. Not the market makers. Not the Fed. Not the broker. Not the tip from a relative or friend.

You must define, develop, and execute a personalized trading plan.

This is all part of the journey.

At Simpler Trading, we present a variety of traders with unique styles, strategies, and tools so you can connect with one or more of these active traders. Following their lead — not gospel guidance by any means — can help you realize your trading aspirations.

Every Simpler trader — emphasis on every — followed the lead of other traders before them on the way to trading actively full-time.

And, Simpler’s traders even follow the lead of other Simpler traders.

Yes, the founder of this company has learned from traders he brought into Simpler to help lead our company. Some were seasoned pros while others were newer with specific insights and strategies.

This doesn’t mean all of Simpler’s traders think and trade the same way. They can trade the same market with different setups and achieve similar results.

In any of our online live-trading chat rooms there may be differing opinions or strategies presented by different traders.

That’s the way we like it. All our traders attack the market in their own way, and are profitable in their process.

This is not a negative, it’s a freedom — freedom to learn from and pursue trading examples which suit you best.

Anyone who has engaged the stock market knows trading can be stressful.

Our goal is to provide a community to help relieve the stress. We want you to experience, enjoy, and learn from as many or as few of our traders as you want and connect with the ones who make you comfortable in the process (or uncomfortable if that suits you).

The beauty of trading, and the Simpler community, is you can follow and learn from such a variety of skill sets that your early learning curve can be shortened. Or enhanced to the next level for more seasoned traders.

Wherever you are in your trading journey… you get to choose how to go forward.

We Saw: an erratic market finishing mostly flat — 

  • Jobless numbers below expectations
  • Coronavirus economic stimulus stalling
  • Certain stocks hitting all-time highs

We’re Watching: if key individual stocks can boost indexes —

  • Streaming stocks and any bubble bursting
  • Where rotation ends up next week
  • Setups in: TSLA, NFLX, AAPL, CSIZ, WMT 

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