Trading ‘By The Numbers’ For Lifestyle With Purpose


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Doesn’t everyone remember that one teacher with the knowledge, insight, and charisma that stood out from the others?

Among traders, such an engaging personality presents an environment where everyone is hanging out at the house… even while learning one of the most underappreciated technical elements of trading.

Add in patience (from actually being a teacher), deep understanding of trading (formed by her technical knowledge), and an ability to multitask (teaching and trading from home while raising two girls), and traders are all ears for what this trader has to say.

Tammy Marshall, Director of Fibonacci analysis, is this week’s “Friday Feature” team member.

At Simpler Trading, there is nothing more valuable than our people – our biggest asset. 

Tammy headlines this highlight of the newsletter where we present one of our team members making an impact.

Tammy’s “stay-at-home” lifestyle is relatable to traders everywhere. Her live, online trading room sessions are like sitting around the kitchen table chatting while building and planning for the future.

She is a little more biased toward the trading lifestyle than most people. Her husband Bruce Marshall, Director of Options and Income Trading at Simpler (and creator of B.I.A.S.), shared options strategies with her a decade ago and her interest has grown into a full-time trading career.

Tammy grew as an options trader and later made a connection with Carolyn Boroden, the “Fibonacci Queen.” Tammy was mentored by Carolyn in the world of Fibonacci and has developed as a full-time member of the Simpler Trading team.

Tammy focuses on teaching how to trade more accurately using specific entries and exits based on Fibonacci analysis. Fibonacci guides her technical search for the best setup whether trading stocks, options, or futures.

She strives for balance in her lifestyle and consistency while sharing her Fibonacci analysis and setups with Simpler’s members.

We Saw: Strong rebound across the markets –

  • Gold investors not taking gruff from Fed
  • Foreign markets struggling to rally
  • Politicians pushing for deal on global tax

We’re Watching: Market resilient against bearish trend –

  • Holding the line leaning to long side
  • Depth, breadth of hit to shorts
  • Enjoying the sidelines as needed