Trade Through The Eyes Of A Discoverer


Simpler Trading Team

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Learning to trade well takes time and often requires a great amount of self-wrangling with psychology.

Retail traders – most of Simpler’s community – were initially trained to analyze trades and make decisions based on that analysis. Without delving too deep into that concept, it’s an ongoing trap that destroys trading accounts because one has to “justify” every trade.

By comparison, market makers who set into play pricing and momentum in the markets don’t care about analysis. They make trades to make money. Market makers are trained that if you’re losing money it means you’re wrong, so get out – no blame, no shame.

Retail traders can begin “reimagining” what they do as traders by viewing their trading environment as an adventure with no forced outcome. It is the discovery that matters, not winning or losing or justification of decisions.

Start the process, let it work, and learn from what happens.

You can start this reimagining by learning one of the most important discoveries for retail traders…

The only job a trader has is to cut losing trades as fast as possible.

No blame, no shame.

Move on to the next trade with reflection of what worked, what didn’t, and how to adapt and improve going forward – like a discoverer.

Consider each trading day a new adventure and opportunity. Let yourself search for the next trade setup. Allow each trade to become an environment of discovery where you can apply patience and mental mettle as you uncover the final outcome.

Enjoy how participating in a trade and waiting for it to play out is all part of the adventure and satisfaction of the trading life. Know that participating in the trade is the adventure and helps develop a positive mental attitude – a powerful skill for traders.

And, thanks to one of our trading community members who inspired this article by reminding us of why we love and live for trading each day. We want you to enjoy your road to discovery of the “big picture.”

And more gains…

We Saw: markets racing higher through the close – 

  • Key sectors, tech and industrials, showing strength
  • Longs looking to be on right side of trend
  • Many trading plans being readjusted

We’re Watching: where the rubber meets the road for bulls and bears –

  • Various setups in the indexes
  • Key sector stocks for setups
  • Moves in: SPX, SPY, JPM, SHAK, TLT, AMZN