‘Taking Control’ In The Market Is Underway


Simpler Trading Team

Feb 19th 2021  .  2 min read

When does a trading strategy become an instant classic?

When it has a $12 million run during a pandemic.

And boosts accounts by $2 million in one day.

There is much to learn about trading. So when you have a single strategy combined with a precision charting tool it helps shorten the learning curve for traders of all experience levels.

This high-powered strategy and tool can be used daily in the trading plan any trader. It is a combination designed to pinpoint trades with steady profit potential that can help grow accounts even in shifting, volatile markets. And, it helps avoid bad trades when the market decides to turn against a position.

This method is less like reading financial charts and more “like reading a book.”

With the market as volatile as it has been in the last year (pandemic, market crash, political turmoil, economic failures) why wouldn’t any trader not want to simplify their trading efforts?

If you’re looking for a focused action plan designed to ignore market distractions and avoid being shut down in this wild environment, open up your schedule tomorrow afternoon.

We Saw: Mixed day across major indexes – 

  • Good, bad, and ugly of energy sector
  • Crypto soaring to new uncharted heights
  • Concern over Covid-19 vaccine distribution

We’re Watching: Indexes for signs of coming times –

  • Stability of price surge within sectors
  • Managing capital, risk, number of positions
  • Setups in: LAZR, ABNB, AMAT, PLTR