Building Consistent, ‘Simpler’ Trading Plan


Simpler Trading Team

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Morning or afternoon what’s your trading window?

In today’s hectic world, it can be tough for retail traders to trade “all day long.” If you’re a part-timer you just don’t have the time each day. For others with more time to commit, watching a computer all day likely isn’t what attracted them to trading.

Freeing up time —  and finances is more what retail traders are seeking.

Most of Simpler’s traders focus on “windows of opportunity” when trading. The first couple of hours during the trading session and the last couple of hours of the trading day are key.

Trading during these “windows” allows for more nimble action plans where traders have time to reflect on the market, setups, and strategies. Simpler’s traders working setups during these focused hours have discovered there is plenty of profit potential as trades develop.

Traders must work to develop their own preference for morning or afternoon trading and determine their strengths during these hours.

Trading during these windows of time helps remove any pressure about having to trade all the time to be successful. FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out — becomes less of a concern because any “idle” time is part of the plan to improve trading efforts.

It doesn’t matter the size of your account or the assets you are trading — stocks, futures, ETFS, or options.

The goal is to reimagine the possibilities during “windows of opportunity” and develop a trading plan that fits the “Simpler lifestyle.”

What trader wouldn’t want to spend fewer hours fretting over the market while building consistent gains?

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