Trading Plan Takes On Volatile Market


Simpler Trading Team

Feb 18th 2021  .  3 min read

This market doesn’t make trading easy on traders.

After days of rallying the market went flat this week and today it lost energy.

The Dow closed at 31,493.34 points to fall .38% (dropping 119.68 points on the day). The Nasdaq dropped to 13,865.36 points for a .72% tumble while the S&P 500 dipped .44% to 3,913.97 points.

This market is like a sea of uncertainty where unpredictable waves of change keep crashing trading plans. It too easily could flush with all the longs in the market and Simpler’s traders are cautious about adding too many positions to manage.

The “fall back” for Simpler traders in a dicey environment like this is to stick to a predetermined trading plan.

Trading in the past year has proven to be an attractive endeavor for millions of people looking for a lucrative financial opportunity. All too often, trading doesn’t turn out to be as easy as some might believe.

There is real risk of losing in the stock market. Thus, the need for an established trading plan for new — and experienced — traders is important.

Part of a trading plan is learning proven formulas and strategies while applying tools that guide traders in the process. Trading also requires a commitment to pursue success. Some traders can stay with the commitment while others fade under the required level of dedication.

Time commitment for trading varies with each person, especially newer traders trying to learn everything they need to know. Some investors pursue trading full time as an occupation while the majority are considered part-time or retail traders.

Whether trading actively several hours daily or only a few hours a week or month, it all needs to be addressed in a trading plan.

At Simpler we believe that the fastest way to develop a profitable trading plan and manage the necessary capital and time commitment is through education and training.

We have a variety of ways to find a mentor (or mentors) to follow and learn how they navigate through this wild and crazy sea of opportunity in the stock market.

Why make trading any harder than it has to be? Don’t trade alone.

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