Refresh Goals, Treat Trading As Lifestyle


Simpler Trading Team

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No matter how long you’ve been trading, the markets always present phases where a “refresher” is warranted.

This last year revealed the harshness of trading and why traders must be vigilant in staying updated with the latest training and tools. And it takes a special mindset to develop and share the insights needed to navigate an ever-changing trading environment.

Finding choice, freedom, and an edge in the markets are goals at the top of the list for this week’s “Friday Feature” independent, self-directed trader.

Teaching how to obtain these goals consistently and profitably is the mission of this trader.

For 30 years she has dedicated her professional life to understanding and navigating the markets to build a full-time trading lifestyle.

Nothing is more valuable at Simpler Trading than our biggest asset – our people. The information, resources, and experience our traders deliver reaches around the world.

Raghee Horner, Managing Director of Futures Trading, is our “Friday Feature” this week. She headlines this highlight of the newsletter where we present one of our traders making an impact in the Simpler community.

Raghee enjoys teaching others that to be successful, they should treat trading as not only an avenue to a new lifestyle but as a business.

Like many traders, she started in an indirect way.

At age 15 she began charting an investment fund on graph paper. She realized how her money was growing while she slept, and she was hooked on the markets.

Fast forward several decades and she has inspired thousands of traders around the world.

Raghee’s trading style is systematic.

She is well-known for using charting tools to identify dominant market trends, momentum, price action, and precise points of entry and exit. Her strategies and indicators show traders how to look at the market objectively while ignoring any bias or emotion that could knock them off track.

Forex and futures are her mainstay mastery, but what so many traders have discovered is that her tools and strategies work with stocks, ETFs, and options. Her insight can be applied across the markets in ways that open the eyes of traders to new opportunities.

Raghee’s discipline and knowledge of the markets has paid off. She has never had a losing year – ever. Sure, like all traders, she has specific trades that don’t work out, but every year her account ends with a positive balance.

Along the way to her current position she has authored three books on trading, been featured on segments of major financial media outlets, and delivered speeches and training to traders around the world. You’ll find her live-trading with the Simpler community in one of the online chat rooms throughout the week or inspiring others in a mastery session.

And, most recently, she released her latest updates to her time-tested tools and strategies that feature a day trading “playbook” for traders. Trading is a wild new ride with this roller coaster market, and Raghee has maintained consistent profits only trading a couple of hours each day.

When you’re ready for a “refresher” designed to take your trading to the next level, Raghee is ready to share how she built and maintains a lifestyle of trading as a business with high profit potential.

We Saw: Market’s insatiable appetite for rallying higher –

  • Inflation markers continue to rise, some at historic levels
  • Retail sales reports continue to beat expectations
  • Market records continue, key sectors fly higher

We’re Watching: Strength, longevity of market run up –

  • Buys in weaker tickers not yet rallying with the flow
  • Fed’s fingers in market action going forward
  • Setups in Big Tech, healthcare, energy