Maximize Advantage Of Tools, Time Frames


Simpler Trading Team

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Finding trades and deciding on time frames can be difficult in this choppy market.

Beyond “buy low and sell high,” there are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a trade setup that offers success and increased potential for profit.

Along with the basics such as stock valuation, strategy, and risk level, traders need to consider earnings of the company. Look for companies with consistent earnings.

From there, turn to charts to help interpret how all these factors fit into the movement of price for a particular stock and what is happening across the overall market.

With recent market volatility, Simpler’s traders have turned to time frames to help them stay on course with winning stocks. There is no right or wrong time frame, but certain ones seem to work better in certain market phases, i.e. shorter time frames now with all the volatility.

Experienced traders know that each time frame has its advantages and disadvantages, like any trading signal or tool. Use them according to your trading strategy, style, and risk management.

Lower time frames typically deliver helpful signals when prices swing up and down considerably in a choppy market. They can also reveal turning points that might be missed on higher time frames. Still, traders may – based on trading style – look to longer time frames to give a clearer picture of what drives the stock price in the long term.

Whether your trading plan and style turns to shorter or longer time frames, chart indicators can benefit most strategies.

Simpler’s traders use a variety of indicators to track and identify chart patterns, and often combine multiple indicators to gain as clear a picture as possible for trade potential. These indicators are time-tested and have proven successful for traders with often very different trading styles and strategies.

The goal for using any indicator is to identify trading opportunities with the highest potential for gain. A stock may fizzle out unexpectedly or the market may change direction without notice to traders not taking advantage of indicators and the guidance of charts.

No matter what the market is doing, Simpler’s traders want to work within a plan that includes tools, strategies, and time frames to maximize their opportunities.

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